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What would you like to do?
Come taste some fine forties, cheetos, and various stank and non-stank bitches
on the sickest corner in SoMA! We're starting early so you can drop by
before heading to your midnight destinations.
Jessie at 6th St, in front of the chain link fence
Directions to the corner
What, you retarded?
What to bring
Just yourselves. If you have a favorite ho, fifth of juice, or some extra cash
money, bring that too (Toby's got a metal box with some trash burning inside if
you need to cook anything).
Warmly! A stained jacket with a few holes is all you need (the booze and hos will take care
of the rest). There is also a hidden corner to piss in.
PLEASE RSVP with how many people you're bringing (feel free to bring as many
friends as you'd like)!
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