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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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# indexmaker --columns=1 /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg > /var/www/mrtg/index.html
WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg
Target[eth0]: \eth0:private@localhost:
SetEnv[eth0]: MRTG_INT_IP="localhost" MRTG_INT_DESCR="eth0"
MaxBytes[eth0]: 125000000
Options[eth0]: growright, bits
Title[eth0]: eth0
PageTop[eth0]: <h1>eth0</h1>
# MaxBytes は CPU コア数の100倍, AbsMax は MaxBytes の100倍
Target[cpu]: .
MaxBytes[cpu]: 400
AbsMax[cpu]: 40000
#Unscaled[cpu]: dwmy
Options[cpu]: gauge, growright, noinfo
YLegend[cpu]: CPU Load
YTicsFactor[cpu]: 0.01
Factor[cpu]: 0.01
ShortLegend[cpu]: <!-- -->
LegendI[cpu]: 1 min avg.
LegendO[cpu]: 5 min avg.
Legend1[cpu]: 1 min CPU Load Average
Legend2[cpu]: 5 min CPU Load Average
Title[cpu]: CPU Load Average
PageTop[cpu]: <H1>CPU Load Average</H1>
# MaxBytes は CPU コア数の100倍, AbsMax は MaxBytes の100倍
Target[cpu_use]: .
MaxBytes[cpu_use]: 400
AbsMax[cpu_use]: 40000
#Unscaled[cpu_use]: dwmy
Options[cpu_use]: growright, nopercent, noinfo
YLegend[cpu_use]: CPU Used (%)
ShortLegend[cpu_use]: (%)
LegendI[cpu_use]: User
LegendO[cpu_use]: System
Legend1[cpu_use]: User (%)
Legend2[cpu_use]: System (%)
Title[cpu_use]: CPU Used
PageTop[cpu_use]: <H1>CPU Used</H1>
# free で MaxBytes1, MaxBytes2 の値を調査
Target[mem]: . - . - . - .
MaxBytes1[mem]: 32990904
MaxBytes2[mem]: 16498680
#Unscaled[mem]: dwmy
Options[mem]: gauge, growright, noinfo
YLegend[mem]: Mem Used (bytes)
ShortLegend[mem]: bytes
kilo[mem]: 1024
kMG[mem]: k,M,G,T,P
LegendI[mem]: Real
LegendO[mem]: Swap
Legend1[mem]: Real Memory (bytes)
Legend2[mem]: Swap Memory (bytes)
Title[mem]: Memory Used
PageTop[mem]: <H1>Memory Used</H1>
# snmpwalk -v 1 -c private localhost . で末尾の数字を調査
Target[io1]: .
MaxBytes[io1]: 10000000000
#Unscaled[io1]: dwmy
Options[io1]: growright, nopercent, noinfo
YLegend[io1]: Disk IO (bytes)
ShortLegend[io1]: bytes/s
kilo[io1]: 1024
LegendI[io1]: Read
LegendO[io1]: Write
Legend1[io1]: Read (bytes/s)
Legend2[io1]: Write (bytes/s)
Title[io1]: Disk IO (bytes)
PageTop[io1]: <H1>Disk IO (bytes)</H1>
# snmpwalk -v 1 -c private localhost . で末尾の数字を調査
Target[io2]: .
MaxBytes[io2]: 10000000000
#Unscaled[io2]: dwmy
Options[io2]: growright, nopercent, noinfo
YLegend[io2]: Disk IO (counts)
ShortLegend[io2]: counts/s
LegendI[io2]: Read
LegendO[io2]: Write
Legend1[io2]: Read (counts/s)
Legend2[io2]: Write (counts/s)
Title[io2]: Disk IO (counts)
PageTop[io2]: <H1>Disk IO (counts)</H1>
# snmpd.conf の disk 設定が必要
# snmpwalk -v 1 -c private localhost . で末尾の数字を調査
Target[disk]: .
MaxBytes[disk]: 100
Unscaled[disk]: dwmy
Options[disk]: gauge, growright, nopercent, noinfo
YLegend[disk]: Disk Used (%)
ShortLegend[disk]: (%)
LegendI[disk]: /
LegendO[disk]: /
Legend1[disk]: / Disk Used (%)
Legend2[disk]: / Disk Used (%)
Title[disk]: Disk Used
PageTop[disk]: <H1>Disk Used</H1>
com2sec local localhost private
group MyROGroup any local
view all included .1 80
access MyROGroup "" any noauth exact all none all
disk /
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