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Created Jun 22, 2015
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Mocha test which successfully tests zipped stream (using onValues to force side effects).
var Bacon = require("baconjs"),
assert = require("assert");
describe("Testing stream equality logic", function(){
it( "can match Bacon streams backed by the same array.", function(){
var targetSequence = [
["oldmacdonald/farm", "['sheep','pig','cow','duck']" ] , //n.b. JSON.stringify of array
["oldmacdonald/farm/sheep", "'Baa'"] , //n.b. JSON.stringify of string (quoted)
["oldmacdonald/farm/pig", "'Oink'"] ,
["oldmacdonald/farm/cow", "'Moo'"] ,
["oldmacdonald/farm/duck", "'Quack'"] ,
var actualSequence = targetSequence.slice(0);
//adding lines below causes test to fail
//actualSequence.push(["oldmacdonald/farm/horse", "'Neigh'"]);
var targetStream = Bacon.sequentially(0, targetSequence);
var actualStream = Bacon.sequentially(0, actualSequence);
//var targetStream = Bacon.fromArray(targetSequence);
//var actualStream = Bacon.fromArray(actualSequence);
var deepEqual = function(target, actual){
console.log("Testing " + JSON.stringify(target) + " versus " + JSON.stringify(actual) + "...");
assert.deepEqual(target, actual);
return true;
var zippedStream = Bacon.zipAsArray(targetStream, actualStream);
return zippedStream.toPromise()
console.log("Stream finished");
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