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Created December 24, 2021 02:34
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Scala with Akka Http
import ProductDB.{AddProduct, AddedProduct, FindAllProducts, FindProduct}
import{Actor, ActorLogging, ActorSystem, Props}
import akka.http.scaladsl.Http
import akka.http.scaladsl.model.{ContentTypes, HttpEntity, HttpMethods, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, StatusCodes, Uri}
import akka.pattern.ask
import akka.util.Timeout
import spray.json._
import scala.concurrent.{Future, duration}
import scala.concurrent.duration.{DurationInt, SECONDS, TimeUnit}
import scala.language.postfixOps
case class Product(name: String, brand: String)
object ProductDB{
case object FindAllProducts
case class FindProduct(id: Int)
case class AddProduct(product: Product)
case class AddedProduct(id: Int)
class ProductService extends Actor with ActorLogging{
var productsList : Map[Int, Product] = Map()
var productId: Int = 0
override def receive: Receive = {
case FindAllProducts =>"finfing all products")
sender() ! productsList.values.toList
case FindProduct(id) =>"founding product by id: $id")
sender() ! productsList.get(id)
case AddProduct(product: Product) =>"adding new product")
productsList += (productId -> product)
sender() ! AddedProduct(productId)
productId += 1
trait ProductJsonProtocol extends DefaultJsonProtocol{
implicit val productFormat = jsonFormat2(Product) // jsonFormat 2 çünkü Product class'ı 2 parametreye sahip
object RestAPIServer extends App with ProductJsonProtocol {
implicit val system = ActorSystem("ProductRestAPI")
implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer()
import system.dispatcher
//JSON marshalling
val product = Product("iphone 13 pro max" ,"Apple")
//JSON unmarshalling
val stringProduct =
| "brand": "Apple",
| "name": "iphone 13 pro max"
val productDb = system.actorOf(Props[ProductService],"productActor") // actor oluşturuyoruz
val productList = List(
Product("iphone 13","Apple"),
Product("MacBook pro ","Apple"),
Product("MacBook air ","Apple")
productList.foreach { product =>
productDb ! AddProduct(product)
// Server
implicit val defaultTimeOut = Timeout(2 seconds)
val requestHandler: HttpRequest => Future[HttpResponse] = {
case HttpRequest(HttpMethods.GET, Uri.Path("/api/products"),_,_,_) =>
val productFuture : Future[List[Product]]= (productDb ? FindAllProducts).mapTo[List[Product]]{ products =>
entity = HttpEntity(
case request: HttpRequest =>
Future {
HttpResponse (status = StatusCodes.NotFound)
Http().bindAndHandleAsync(requestHandler, "localhost", 8080)
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