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This is a list of tweaks to make IntelliJ IDEA work better with OpenJDK 8 (64-bit). Refer to for the details of the options used below.
Note that, the performance boost achieved via the OpenGL-based pipeline is made possible by using the latest version (e.g., mesa-dri-drivers-10.3.2-1.20141028.fc21.x86_64) of the open-source Radeon driver (for ATi graphics cards). This might vary based on the types of graphics cards and drivers.
1. Text Anti-aliasing
In $IDEA_HOME/bin/idea64.vmoptions, change
2. Improve GUI Performance (Java2D) by switching to OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Pipeline
In $IDEA_HOME/bin/, add the following:
# Enable the OpenGL-based pipeline, which provides hardware acceleration.
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