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Created Oct 8, 2012
What would you like to do? locale file Turkish
language_name: "Türkçe"
message_from_app: "<strong>{{#owner}}{{name}}{{/owner}}</strong> {{app_name}}'den"
messages_with_app: "<strong>{{app_name}}</strong> ile olan konuşmalarınız"
message_to_app: "{{app_name}}'ye <strong>Mesajınız</strong>"
new_message_to_app: "{{app_name}}'ye <strong>Yeni mesaj</strong>"
reply: "Yanıtla"
send: "Gönder"
back: "Geri"
close: "Bu pencereyi kapat"
new_message: "Yeni mesaj"
you: "Sen"
avatar_for_person: "{{#owner}}{{name}}{{/owner}} için avatar"
date: "{{#func_string_to_number}}{{day}}{{/func_string_to_number}}&nbsp;{{#func_month_to_text}}{{month}}{{/func_month_to_text}}"
from_app: "<em>{{app_name}}'den</em>"
admin_from_app: "<em>{{#owner}}{{name}}{{/owner}}</em>"
delivered: '<span class="delivered">Ulaştırıldı</span>'
jan: 'Oca'
feb: 'Şub'
mar: 'Mar'
apr: 'Nis'
may: 'May'
jun: 'Haz'
jul: 'Tem'
aug: 'Ağu'
sep: 'Eyl'
oct: 'Ekm'
nov: 'Kas'
dec: 'Ara'
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