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$ git --no-pager log --oneline -n1
04a3242 Auto merge of #14939 - upsuper:add-aliases, r=emilio,Manishearth
$ ./mach run -d -w
BUGGY: Codec detection bug in Android where no better answer than "maybe" is given
Delete the non-exist key:ImageKey(6, 0)
Delete the non-exist key:ImageKey(8, 0)
Delete the non-exist key:ImageKey(7, 0)
Delete the non-exist key:ImageKey(9, 0)
Stack trace for thread "ScriptThread PipelineId { namespace_id: PipelineNamespaceId(0), index: PipelineIndex(1) }"
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w=["because", "thought", "nothing", "believe", "through", "talking", "getting", "someone", "another", "looking", "tonight", "already", "problem", "exactly", "without", "morning", "friends", "telling", "married", "anymore", "working", "brother", "between", "minutes", "feeling", "promise", "trouble", "anybody", "alright", "wedding", "perfect", "waiting", "against", "husband", "started", "serious", "finally", "worried", "Theresa", "brought", "leaving", "running", "parents", "happens", "special", "kidding", "meeting", "welcome", "outside", "company", "mistake", "totally", "control", "realize", "picture", "hundred", "changed", "explain", "playing", "Michael", "fucking", "calling", "Natalie", "protect", "forever", "besides", "himself", "amazing", "decided", "antonio", "country", "perhaps", "darling", "dollars", "evening", "suppose", "imagine", "sitting", "Frasier", "million", "charity", "message", "missing", "careful", "figured", "instead", "stopped", "forgive", "wearing", "college", "history", "herself", "deserve"
def h(n):
print 2**n-1
def m(h,f,v,t):
if h>0:m(h-1,f,t,v);print"Move disk from [%d] to [%d]"%(f,t);m(h-1,v,f,t)
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diff --git a/bug-754344 b/bug-754344
index 3821f33..20b8221 100644
--- a/bug-754344
+++ b/bug-754344
@@ -1,13 +1,12 @@
# HG changeset patch
-# Parent f4981b5e1f7a1b7e951c7013a2bc30fb72c0e01c
+# Parent 58bc22e5354276912ee185dbf752b2532005d39c
# User Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro <>
try: -b o -p linux,linux64,macosx64,win32,win64 -u none -t none
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<title>Scrolling along the Z-Axis</title>
Example from
Assumes browser window is sized at a height of 400px (the size of the black box).
#viewport {
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name: "Directory",
url: "",
get postData() {
var query = this.__globalObject.noun_arb_text.split(",");
var data = {g_telephone:query[0]};
if (query.length > 1)
data.g_surname = query[1];
return data;
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function doStuff(doc) {
// must be run when document/resources are fully loaded
if (doc.readyState == "complete") {
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function Post(){};
Post.prototype = {test : function test() console.log};
p = new Post();
p.test()("foobar"); // foobar
Post.prototype = {test : function test(a) {console.log(a)}};
p = new Post();
p.test("foobar"); // foobar
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names: ["exercise twitter"],
description: "Makes you exercise your neck while reading Twitter.",
author: {
name: "Christian Sonne",
email: "",
homepage: "",
license: "GPL",
homepage: "",