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Created Feb 7, 2020
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Open browser based off of certain rules (like choosy for macOS)
DOMAIN=$(echo "$URL" | awk -F[/:] '{print $4}')
## Domain starts with
if [[ $DOMAIN =~ $(echo ^\($(paste -sd'|' /home/your-user/.config/url-start.txt)\)$) ]]; then
chromium-browser "$URL" & disown
elif [[ $DOMAIN =~ $(echo ^\($(paste -sd'|' /home/your-user/.config/url-is.txt)\)$) ]]; then
firefox "$URL" & disown
firefox "$URL" & disown
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Browser Chooser
Comment=Choose what browser to use for specific links
Exec=choosy %u
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cesarolea commented Feb 7, 2020

This is a very simple way of setting a different default browser, based off of certain rules. A poor man's version of which is one of the utilities I missed the most when switching from macOS to Linux. I use Firefox as my main browser, but like to use Chromium for certain websites that work better with Chromium. With this setup if for example I click a Gotomeeting link in an email, it will automatically open in Chromium instead of Firefox.


First, edit choosy and replace your-user with your actual username. The one included here uses Chromium as an alternate browser, but it can be anything as long as you can pass a URL as argument. Copy choosy to your path and make it executable:

cp choosy ~/bin/
chmod +x ~/bin/choosy

Copy choosy.desktop to either ~/.local/share/applications/ or /usr/share/applications/

cp choosy.desktop /usr/share/applications

Log out of your session, and log back in. Your desktop environment should offer Choosy as a default browser option. For example in Gnome it will be listed under Settings - Details - Default Applications - Web.

Finally, edit url-start.txt and url-is.txt to your liking:

  • url-start.txt contains a list of URLs that will match on the start of the URL. For example will match due to the first entry Protocol is ignored.
  • url-is.txt contains a list of URLs that will do exact matches only.

Copy both to your ~/.config folder:

cp url-* ~/.config


Simply choose a different default browser in your desktop environment and you should be good.

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