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Created October 31, 2012 06:51
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Golang apache logging
type ApacheLogRecord struct {
ip string
time time.Time
method, uri, protocol string
status int
responseBytes int64
elapsedTime time.Duration
func (r *ApacheLogRecord) Log(out io.Writer) {
timeFormatted := r.time.Format("02/Jan/2006 03:04:05")
requestLine := fmt.Sprintf("%s %s %s", r.method, r.uri, r.protocol)
fmt.Fprintf(out, ApacheFormatPattern, r.ip, timeFormatted, requestLine, r.status, r.responseBytes,
func (r *ApacheLogRecord) Write(p []byte) (int, error) {
written, err := r.ResponseWriter.Write(p)
r.responseBytes += int64(written)
return written, err
func (r *ApacheLogRecord) WriteHeader(status int) {
r.status = status
type ApacheLoggingHandler struct {
handler http.Handler
out io.Writer
func NewApacheLoggingHandler(handler http.Handler, out io.Writer) http.Handler {
return &ApacheLoggingHandler{
handler: handler,
out: out,
func (h *ApacheLoggingHandler) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
clientIP := r.RemoteAddr
if colon := strings.LastIndex(clientIP, ":"); colon != -1 {
clientIP = clientIP[:colon]
record := &ApacheLogRecord{
ResponseWriter: rw,
ip: clientIP,
time: time.Time{},
method: r.Method,
uri: r.RequestURI,
protocol: r.Proto,
status: http.StatusOK,
elapsedTime: time.Duration(0),
startTime := time.Now()
h.handler.ServeHTTP(record, r)
finishTime := time.Now()
record.time = finishTime.UTC()
record.elapsedTime = finishTime.Sub(startTime)
func main() {
mux := http.DefaultServeMux
mux.HandleFunc("/", indexHandler)
loggingHandler := NewApacheLoggingHandler(mux, os.Stderr)
server := &http.Server{
Addr: fmt.Sprintf(":%s", 2345),
Handler: loggingHandler,
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maugre commented May 30, 2016

Also curious about the license. I've copied a derivative[1], modified slightly to suit my needs and added a Negroni middleware to the package. I want to share that package, but depends on the license.


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