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veekaybee /
Last active April 19, 2024 02:49
Normcore LLM Reads

Anti-hype LLM reading list

Goals: Add links that are reasonable and good explanations of how stuff works. No hype and no vendor content if possible. Practical first-hand accounts of models in prod eagerly sought.

Foundational Concepts

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10 40 27 PM

Pre-Transformer Models

jakevdp / Jupyter_vs_Mathematica.ipynb
Created April 8, 2018 05:01
Jupyter vs Mathematica Google Trends
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porterjamesj /
Last active March 6, 2018 20:43
the tiniest mesos scheduler
import logging
import uuid
import time
from mesos.interface import Scheduler
from mesos.native import MesosSchedulerDriver
from mesos.interface import mesos_pb2
vrilleup / spark-svd.scala
Last active August 9, 2023 17:32
Spark/mllib SVD example
import org.apache.spark.mllib.linalg.distributed.RowMatrix
import org.apache.spark.mllib.linalg._
import org.apache.spark.{SparkConf, SparkContext}
// To use the latest sparse SVD implementation, please build your spark-assembly after this
// change:
// Input tsv with 3 fields: rowIndex(Long), columnIndex(Long), weight(Double), indices start with 0
// Assume the number of rows is larger than the number of columns, and the number of columns is
// smaller than Int.MaxValue
tlockney / Vagrantfile
Last active August 29, 2015 13:57
This setup allows for quick hacking with an sbt console on an EC2 instance -- very useful for trying out the AWS APIs when you need to try things out. As an example, I wanted to make sure I understood how to get the various bits of meta-data that are visible only on EC2. Create the following files and run to run everything.
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "dummy"
config.vm.provider :aws do |aws, override|
aws.access_key_id = "..."
aws.secret_access_key = "..."
# you'll need to create the EC2 keypair used here -- I called it vagrant for easy tracking
aws.keypair_name = "vagrant"
# you'll want to use a group that has at least SSH open
fperez / ProgrammaticNotebook.ipynb
Last active April 5, 2024 12:00
Creating an IPython Notebook programatically
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johnynek / gist:8961994
Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
Some Questions with Sketch Monoids

Unifying Sketch Monoids

As I discussed in Algebra for Analytics, many sketch monoids, such as Bloom filters, HyperLogLog, and Count-min sketch, can be described as a hashing (projection) of items into a sparse space, then using two different commutative monoids to read and write respectively. Finally, the read monoids always have the property that (a + b) <= a, b and the write monoids has the property that (a + b) >= a, b.

##Some questions:

  1. Note how similar CMS and Bloom filters are. The difference: bloom hashes k times onto the same space, CMS hashes k times onto a k orthogonal subspaces. Why the difference? Imagine a fixed space bloom that hashes onto k orthogonal spaces, or an overlapping CMS that hashes onto k * m length space. How do the error asymptotics change?
  2. CMS has many query modes (dot product, etc...) can those generalize to other sketchs (HLL, Bloom)?
  3. What other sketch or non-sketch algorithms can be expressed in this dual mo
drewlanenga / lm.pmml.xml
Created January 7, 2014 23:48
Exploring support for [transformations in PMML]( with Pattern. (Environment notes: Running Vagrant with Cascading SDK 2.2 --
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PMML version="4.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<Header copyright="Copyright (c) 2014 lanenga" description="Linear Regression Model">
<Extension name="user" value="lanenga" extender="Rattle/PMML"/>
<Application name="Rattle/PMML" version="1.4"/>
<Timestamp>2014-01-07 15:33:34</Timestamp>
<DataDictionary numberOfFields="4">
<DataField name="sepal_width" optype="continuous" dataType="double"/>
<DataField name="sepal_length" optype="continuous" dataType="double"/>
ceteri / cascalog_build.log
Last active December 14, 2015 22:29
Cascalog testing with Cascading 2.2-wip
bash-3.2$ lein do sub install, deps, compile, repl
Could not find artifact lein-newnew:lein-newnew:pom:0.3.5 in central (
Retrieving lein-newnew/lein-newnew/0.3.5/lein-newnew-0.3.5.pom (3k)
Could not find artifact stencil:stencil:pom:0.3.0 in central (
Retrieving stencil/stencil/0.3.0/stencil-0.3.0.pom (3k)
Retrieving org/clojure/clojure/1.3.0/clojure-1.3.0.pom (5k)
Retrieving org/sonatype/oss/oss-parent/5/oss-parent-5.pom (4k)
ceteri / Cascalog.log
Last active December 11, 2015 18:28
City of Palo Alto Open Data app in Cascalog
bash-3.2$ lein version
Leiningen 2.0.0-preview10 on Java 1.6.0_43 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
bash-3.2$ hadoop version
Warning: $HADOOP_HOME is deprecated.
Hadoop 1.0.3
Subversion -r 1335192
Compiled by hortonfo on Tue May 8 20:31:25 UTC 2012
From source with checksum e6b0c1e23dcf76907c5fecb4b832f3be
bash-3.2$ lein clean