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Andrew Trice:Hi everyone, we'll be starting at 2:00 EST (in about 13 minutes)
Andrew Trice:Remember to enter questions in the "Questions" panel
Andrew Trice:We're going to start out purely with the "Questions" panel, there will not be an audio
Andrew Trice:*any* audio
Mikel:Will we be able to get a archive of the chat for future reference?
Ray Camden:While we aren't officially starting yet - feel free to put in some Questions (in the panel of
Andrew Trice:yes
Ray Camden:hey Chad - no need to raise your hand :) use the Questions panel
Andrew Trice:Feel free to enter questions at any time
Chad B::-P sorry, was curious about the button
Ray Camden:ahhh - no worries
Ray Camden:just don't push the Giant Red "Self Destruct" button
Crystal McDonald:Hello :)
Chad B:Just out of curiousity, how many websites was this session advertised on? I found it on Ray's
blog but always interested in new sites.
Mikel:I mentioned it on the phonegap google group and i see that the PhoneGap folks were tweeting
about it
Andrew Trice:For specific questions, please say what platform/OS you are using, and what version of
phonegap are you using.
Andrew Trice:please excuse my typos :)
Jen McCarrick:hello!
Crystal McDonald:Hi Jen McCarrick! :)
Shawn Morgart:Hello
Jen McCarrick:hey crystal! hey shawn!
Alejandro Montenegro:hi all
Jen McCarrick:good day for mobile =)
Ray Camden:Hey Tan - for your question - did you mean the Desktop?
Jen McCarrick:the HTML design would better suit Accessibility as well
Joe H:win8 would be more interesting using pg than air solutions . make it relatively easy to port
winphone to win8 Metro
Ray Camden:elliot - yep- andy is about to reply i think
Ray Camden:(so i killed your repeat there)
elliot:perfect, I didn't want to be impatient, just unsure it was in the right place.
Ray Camden:Alejandro - are you talking about strategy for a PG app to handle new form factors,
devices, etc?
Alejandro Montenegro:Ray - no, more like phonegap being able to support future platforms.. lets say
BB10 is soon soon on the market does any has a strategy to make pg support this as soon as possible
elliot:Thanks Andrew, been chasing that one around for a week now
Alejandro Montenegro:or just hope that the community will do this
Ray Camden:Alejandro - so your question is - in regards to Cordovo - what is the nromal way to
handle new devices, platforms, etc, right?
Ray Camden:at a high level that is
Alejandro Montenegro:right
Simon MacDonald:Alejandro, I suspect RIM will be heavily involved in porting Cordova to the BB10
platform just like there were for the Playbook
Ray Camden:(Alejandro, going to mark your Q answered since SImon is responding. Thank you
Simon MacDonald:NP, I'm kinda lurking here as I'm working on another bug. Feel free to ping me on
stuff as well.
kim Rasmussen 2:Hi Simon THANKS for the big job you are dooing!
Chad B:fair enough :-P
Alejandro Montenegro:my question is more generic, a customers concern is: if we base our mobile
strategy on phonegap, who can "guarantee" that we will be able to create apps for all platform/device in
the future..
Steve Smith:Andrew: The reasoning is to link multiple external pages for components of an application
and provide some sort of master navigation.
Ray Camden:hey Kim - you mention both jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Did you mean both, or just JQM?
kim Rasmussen 2:I actually is only interrested in the Mobile GUI look and feel, I really like
kim Rasmussen 2:it but I do not neeed any of the other jQuery stuff.. (i think)
Simon MacDonald:Alejandro: There is no "guarentee" just a bunch of committed developers from some
big companies like Adobe, RIM, IBM, MS who want to see PhoneGap/Cordova succeed. Plus a
community of developers building functionality and apps using PhoneGap.
Jeff Thurston:Thanks, Andrew.
Simon MacDonald:Alejandro: The key point of PhoneGap is that as browsers get better at
implementing HTML5 standards you won't need it anymore so in a way it is future proof
Alejandro Montenegro:thanks, Simon
Chad B:i had a lot of luck with speed with latest JQM on ICS
Steve Smith:Kim: I found with JQM and Android, there are a lot of things that can be done to boost
the performance, you just end up doing some of it a little more native than within the JQM
kim Rasmussen 2:1.1 ?
Ray Camden:ditto chad
Ray Camden:1.1 was a _big_ improvement
Chad B:even got comments about it
kim Rasmussen 2:I agree.
Ray Camden:I'll admit to being a JQM fan boy :)
Chad B:guilty :-P
kim Rasmussen 2:1.1 helped, but as an example right now i have a problem wioth the Wait Spinner..
And after a whole day of testing did it show up at beeing the JQM frame work that took the time and
therefor was teh wait spinner not shown.
kim Rasmussen 2:Do not get me werong I find JQM really cool and I like that is has a solid user base,
that is why I whant to stick with it
Ray Camden:hey kim - how about you ping me via email with some details. i'll take a look see.
Steve Smith:I had similar spinner issues, did you try a div overlay with an animated gif? Phonegap
took nicely to that.
kim Rasmussen 2:OK i will.. Thanks..
Ray Camden:i know one oddity i saw was that you couldn't use the spnner in pageload, but you could
in pageshow
Steve Smith:Ray nailed the issue I was having on the head.
kim Rasmussen 2:YEs I saw that but my issue is that I have a search buttom that will result in a new
page . and the spinned do not show up..
Ray Camden:definitely hit me up with that kim. ill be happy to take a look
kim Rasmussen 2:but if I put an error in the code so it stops after the showPageLoadmsg then the
spinner shows up nicely
kim Rasmussen 2:Chat Do you have your things written up someplace ?
kim Rasmussen 2:Chad sorry...
Steve Smith:Kim: I also noticed it tends to have issues when going between pages. It will show on the
first page and not the other, and if the latter is the one showing while it loads, it appears to never
Charles:iOS developer here for the past 3 years. What advice and resources would you have for
HTML5, PhoneGap, etc. that would make getting into hybrid development much smoother?
Ray Camden:charles - can you put that in the Question panel pls?
Chad B:I sadly do not. I do however recommend the comments throughout Rays blog.
Andrew Trice:Please keep questions in the Q&A pod, so we can keep track of them. Thanks!
Andrew Trice:no worries
kim Rasmussen 2:Can i ask q's on Build here ?
Ray Camden:yes
elliot:Charles, I am a bit new to this too. I'd start with JavaScript and CSS3 (for simple animations) and
go from there.
Ray Camden:elliot, for a lot of us, "a bit new" applies :)
Vineet Sood:whats the intercall dconference
abdel:alguien entiende español aqui
Vineet Sood:is there any intercall where people are connected up
Vineet Sood:????
Ray Camden:vineet, no
Ray Camden:this is chat only
Vineet Sood:ok
Vineet Sood:than how is the session going on?
Vineet Sood:is it more of a question/answer sort of thing
Ray Camden:yes - folks are using the Questions panel
Vineet Sood:ok i can see the rules pod
Jeff Thurston:Are the q/as being captured somewhere?
Ray Camden:yes - they will be export
Ray Camden:i'm going to use the expoort in a WordPerfect 1.0 format
Ray Camden:on floppy
Jen McCarrick:=)
Ray Camden:btw, in case it isn't obvious - im not the smartest person in the world. if anyone objects
to our answers, speak up! :)
Chad B:make sure you update your winzip too
Ray Camden:some of these answers will - obviously - be opinions
Steve Smith:Ray: The device specific cordova has to be read by the device or it will pop up with some
funky looking error messages. There doesn't seem to be any way to redirect to one, but I have been
able to make what one loads dynamic by the UA string. <- been running into a similar issue trying to
reduce the overlap between devices
Andrew Trice:Steve Smith, can you elaborate on your question?
Ray Camden:steve - i dont quite get you - the device isnt reading the 'generic' JS file, Build is
Steve Smith:Ray: I mean a device version of cordova, ie: cordova.ios.js
Ray Camden:oh
Ray Camden:wait
Ray Camden:im still not getting you
Steve Smith:Andrew: I was talking about best practices for writing plugins that will be compatible with
2.0 or at least a place to track where the plan is at
Simon MacDonald:Steve: No one can answer that right now as we are unsure of what plugins will look
like in 2.0. More discussion needs to happen. Feel free to contribute to the discussion though.
Andrew Trice:ahh, gotcha. right now the architecture is not updated yet, so there are no best
Steve Smith:Ray: the cordova (or PhoneGap) from iOS causes errors on Android, and vice versa. I was
suggesting a way to maintain the same code and get around that.
Steve Smith:Simon: I guess I was asking where I might do that ;)
Andrew Trice:there is an ongoing effort to unify codova.js this is currently underway
Andrew Trice:it will all be one JS file
Ray Camden:steve: ah - i thought you were talking about the Build service, since this came up in a Q
about that earlier
Ray Camden:like andy just said - for Android/iOS it should be one file now
Ray Camden:for more actually - i forget the platforms where it is 100% the same
Andrew Trice:However, for older SDK versions, there will be different JS files. This will only be unified
moving forward
Steve Smith:Ray: I guess I need to go verify my version...
Steve Smith:thanks
Andrew Trice:no problem1
Andrew Trice:any more questions anyone?
Steve Smith:What version did the unified JS start at?
Andrew Trice:i *think* it was 1.6
Steve Smith:ok, thanks
Joe H:phonegap meetup in tampa, fl tomorrow anyone in the area. greg wilson of adobe talking...
Ray Camden:joe, got a url for that? i'll add it ot the Rules/Resources pod to the right
Andrew Trice:there were case-sensitivity issues in the first versions, but i believe they've beel cleared
up in 1.7
Joe H:
kim Rasmussen 2:Andrew.. This is why I thouoght I could keep the name in Buiild.. I am testing it
Steve Smith:I asked because I was facing the issue in 1.7rc1
Joe H:phonegap on windows phone focused resource list here ->
Simon MacDonald:Steve:
Steve Smith:Simon: thank you much
Steve Lantz:thanks for the pointer to the notifications plug-in!
Ray Camden:Questions Panel is ready for more folks :)
Daniel:Hello everyone, i'm developing an app which gets a lot of images loaded in the DOM and i
would like to monitor the mem usage. Any advice on how to do this?
Chad B:seems like everyone is stuck on notifications :-\ (happy im not alone on this)
Steve Smith:good question...
Ray Camden:Lantz: Are those non-Fire Kindles running Android? I didn't think they were
Ray Camden:Chad - my biggest takeaway from this is to do a proof of concept with notifications :)
Chad B:
notificaion just a bit dated
Steve Lantz:non-fire kindles are not running android but they do have webkit browser as
Steve Smith:Andrew: Thanks, I asked because I wasn't overly impressed with how organized it was
and I figured you guys don't seem to have that issue ;)
Ray Camden:rd - do you mean 5.5?
Daniel:btw Andrew, just did a deploy with App UI. Looks great! big thanks for sharing!
Mike Walker:Is there a plan to build out more support for front-facing cameras on devices? I know
with the developing standards it's difficult but definitely would be very useful.
Ray Camden:mike, can you please se the Questions panel?
Mike Walker:Oops, my apology
Steve Smith:That would be fun. Tricky just to get it running on an android build, let alone support it
through javascript, lol
Ray Camden:no worries mikew
Steve Lantz:Andrew - sorry for the duplicate question, adobe connect should have search :)
rd:Ray, for the geolocation pop up showing html path, any idea?
Ray Camden:rd - andy is working on this one right now (an answer i mean)
Ray Camden:just posted another PG meeting in the Rules panel to the right
rd:k, thx
Jen McCarrick:thanks so much Ray, we would love to have you all attend (such great questions you
Jen McCarrick:the session topic covers PhoneGap and JavaScript MVC
Ray Camden:Am Louisianian's allowed in FLorida? ;)
Jen McCarrick:yes'sir!!
Jen McCarrick:as long as you bring jazz fest (last week) with you =)
Chad B:Tampa! ahh, I might should go to this
Jen McCarrick:daniel - i love the Inspector within Chrome - when it opens there is a Network panel -
when you refresh (you may need to Shift+refresh) you should see a total (both header requests and
total file size)
Ray Camden:I want to riff a bit on what Andy said in his last answer -
Ray Camden:I do a LOT of PG work in the desktop
Jen McCarrick:all the great optimization tricks for imagery/content still apply (luckily)
Ray Camden:makes things quicker/easier at times
Ray Camden:don't asusme you HAVE to use a device all the time
Ray Camden:obviously you NEED to
Ray Camden:but - err you get my point ;)
Jen McCarrick:for smaller images you can use the base64 encoding (to keep down header req)
rd:Andrew, I'm using 'navigator.geolocation' which I guess is the browser one...your url for further
discussion is disabled and/or not allowed w/o registration
Ray Camden:it's the same API rd,
Ray Camden:its the _timing_
Andrew Trice:rd: hmmmm: it shouldn't be... im not logged in
Ray Camden:did anyone else have trouble viewing the URL in Andy's answer to rd?
kim Rasmussen 2:Hi all just tested the build issue and it eseams like ther still is some differance
between the JS file.. I am will just rename it, just thought you wanted to know .. Thanks all I am
checking out now (late here in Denmark) Thanks again..
Jen McCarrick:of course sprites are great for this....but CSS now provides such flexibility that if you
can go that direction (along with your own custom JS - say w/o JQ/JQM if your skills/time support it) -
much lighter and more efficient your app will be =)
Andrew Trice:from that link: The latest solution for iPhone OS 4.x and PhoneGap 0.9.x is to follow the
example of the docs for and add an event listener that waits for the device to be ready, otherwise the
native navigator.geolocation is used and you get an alert like this:
"var/mobile/Applications/UUID/" Would Like To Use Your Current
Andrew Trice:just wait for the device ready event
Andrew Trice:the api will use navigator.geolocation
rd:hey Ray, I did it based on one of your demo app:
Daniel:Thx Jen, but this is the data that gets transferd and my app is an JS app so there will be a lot
of images left in the DOM. offcourse i clean the DOM by removing elements but i hear a lot of bad stuff
about the carbage collector in ios so i want to be sure about the mem usage
Ray Camden:rd: It is the same API, the issue is in _when_ you are using it
Ray Camden:the blog post you linked to is for a general JS one, not PG,
Ray Camden:the same ocde works - just wait for the deviceready event
Ray Camden:in general, i put most of my logic _after_ the deviceready event when doing phonegap
rd:Andrew, your link works, but the 'discussion' link to read more takes you to a lighthouse link
Jen i read the updated questions panel =)
Ray Camden:rd: are you using deviceready? if not - can you try?
Andrew Trice:even so, the API is the same, just wait until after the deviceready event
rd:I have a 'home page' that starts with 'device ready ini' with code to listen for 'deviceready'
rd:after that I take them to the 'geolocation' page and that's when it pops up
Ray Camden:rd - could you pastebin your code?
Andrew Trice:is that a separate HTML page?
rd:separate html page
Andrew Trice:thats the prob
Andrew Trice:deviceready is per page
Andrew Trice:are you waiting for deviceready on the geolocation page?
rd:no, I "assume" just having it at the beginning will suffice
rd:will try later tonight and see what happens
Andrew Trice:yeah, you need to wait for deviceready on teh geolocation page too
rd:good deal guys, Thanks!
Andrew Trice:basically, phonegap needs to setup its callbacks into the native layer for every page that
gets loaded
Ray Camden:i told andy he has to blog this now
Andrew Trice:hahahha was just not too intuitive for newbies like me ;)
Ray Camden:rd - no - i didnt think about it either. im used to JQM where new 'Pages' are loaded via
Ajax and injected into the DOM
Andrew Trice:i was laughing at ray, btw
Andrew Trice:not you
Andrew Trice:sorry
Ray Camden:im used to it - they all laugh at me. it's ok - they're just jealous
rd:no worries :0
Daniel:Andrew, i'm a fan of app UI right now..could you share some future plans for app UI?
Steve Smith:wondermade: For front cameras, there just needs to be some sort of call to specify the
cameraId in the android portion linked to a javascript call to start the video. It is possible, but mostly
native. Just realized what you were trying to do.
Ray Camden:Questions panel queue is empty - ask way folks :)
Ray Camden:(Be sure to see Andrew's follow up answer to the last one)
Pogo:Can't understand why anybody would use PhoneGap, Objective-C and Cocoa Touch is really quite
Pogo:As is Andriod Java
Ray Camden:what's easy to you may not be as easy to others :)
Pogo:The end user experience is wha counts, not the developers
Pogo:Nothing is easy
Ray Camden:I think PhoneGap, and tools like it, open up the opportunities for others
Andrew Trice:Pogo, it is very possible to create great experiences in HTML on mobile devices
Pogo:But having respect for users is paramount
Ray Camden:and using PG does not imply your experience is bad
rd:pogo, I use it mainly for ease of use and productivity
Ray Camden:how does using PG imply any lack of respect?
Pogo:Gourmet meals require effort and care
Pogo:And respect for the user
Steve Smith:Pogo: I have one site. One layout, no more. But I have an app for iOS, Android, and a
webpage that all do the same thing without having to reinvent the wheel for each
Ray Camden:but Pogo - you have answered why using PG implies any lack of respect
Pogo:Because using PG shows lack of care
rd:customers want quick turn around and don't want to pay much.
Andrew Trice:pogo, you can build VERY bad native apps just as easily as you can build bad HTML apps
Pogo:A race to the bottom
Ray Camden:pogo - why?
Andrew Trice:Facebook uses phonegap, salesforce uses phonegap
Pogo:It's the McJob mentaility again
Ray Camden:i mean you are welcome to your opinion, but you havent really backed it up :)
Daniel:i like the fact that i have one code base for android and ios etc
Andrew Trice:wikipedia uses phonegap... etc...
Andrew Trice:phonegap in no way is a "lack of respect" for the platform
Pogo:We have two native code bases, with shared libs and it's easier than another abstraction
Andrew Trice:but as with all apps, the developer must create a quality experience
rd:I like this and will quote it later too: "you can build VERY bad native apps just as easily as you can
build bad HTML"
Pogo:Let's face it, PG is about selling more Adobe cruft
Steve Smith:Pogo: calling this lack of care is the same as saying it is better to ignore 100 customers
just so each person has one more menu option. Who really wins?
Andrew Trice:phoengap is free and open source
Mikel:@ Ray and Andrew, gotta run but thanks for doing this!
Pogo:And the services built on top by Adobe are not
Ray Camden:Pogo, that isn't vcery constructive
Ray Camden:Cordova is 100% free and open source
Pogo:Apple is taking another look at these types of frameworks
Ray Camden:and your point is?
Pogo:Let's see
Ray Camden:Build is a great service. But it isn't required
Pogo:I wouldn't invest in something that could one day be obsolete
Daniel:what do you mean with apple is taking another look at these frameworks Pogo?
Ray Camden:thats certainly fine
Ray Camden:Pogo, do you have any URLs/sources for that?
Daniel:where do you get that info form?
Ed Sullivan:< --- wonders exactly why Pogo is here?
Ray Camden:different opinions are good :)
Pogo:Checking for you...
Ray Camden:Pogo, if you consider 2 main facets of Cordova, Cordova itself and HTML, I don't think
HTML is going anywhere soon
Ed Sullivan:Agreed when backed up with some factual info...
Ray Camden:and even if no one added to Cordova's open source, it wouldnt stop working all of a
Steve Smith:Ed: There is always one person that has to justify past work by diminishing the need for a
new method. It looks like a good chance to offer an old dog a new trick ;)
jt:Also - All tech will one day be obsolete.
Ray Camden:remember, Adobe purchased the company behind PG, we didn't buy PG
Ray Camden:we dont own it
Ray Camden:its an Apache project
Mike Walker:I hadn't realized Facebook swapped to Phonegap when they did their HTML transition,
just assumed they used their own "thing." Pretty cool to see big players using this now
Pogo:(meanwhile, it's such a shame to give end users a third or fourth rate experience in an
unoptimised UIWebView)
Ray Camden:the fact that we make money from a service, are tooling, I think is fine
Ray Camden:pogo
Ed Sullivan:Steve :)
Ray Camden:i'll ask again
Ray Camden:where is your proof that PG apps are bad UX versus native apps?
Ray Camden:ive seen plenty of ugly apps :)
Pogo:No need for proof, they just evidentl are byt the fact of not being native, and runnigng in
unoptimed web components
Ray Camden:wow
Ray Camden:Ok
Ray Camden:you win :)
Pogo:(excuse poor typing)
Pogo:not here to win
Pogo:merely to point out that you can have A1 experience or CRay
Camden:I think if you say "no need for proof" you are automatically making your argument
weaker. at least imo
Pogo:your choice as devs, but shame for users
Jen McCarrick:having been in the interactive industry for a decade or so -- having as many 'tools' in
your back pocket has never been a bad thing. A triple-threat (mobile web/iOS native/Android native) is
merely guaranteeing (sp?) their place in this rapidly changing industry
Steve Smith:Pogo: I designed my site first, and added barcode scan courtesy of PG, also added the
search button, and the menu button, and later an entire iOS app. All of this from a website. Are you
saying that I should have rewritten the same thing using listviews and tab layouts just to say I did?
Andrew Trice:you can have a+ expereince with phonegap, in fact one of the recent "suggested apps
by apple" was a phonegap app
Andrew Trice:BitTimer
Pogo:I don't have an argument that requires being weaker or stronger, merely facts
Andrew Trice:linkedin's app is not phonegap, but it is a HTML experience in a web view
Andrew Trice:it has gotten rave reviews
Pogo:For example....
Ray Camden:but you didnt give any facts?
Pogo:...we have smallish s/w house...
Pogo:...we all do iOS and Android...
Pogo:...less effort than JS/Ajax stack
Pogo:much less effort
Andrew Trice:anyone else have questions?
Pogo:APIs are clearer
Pogo:We can get going with new APIs without time lag
Andrew Trice:let's just agree to disagree
Andrew Trice:that article is very misleading... i am working on a published response
Steve Smith:I have been writing Android apps since roughly 04, and I have upgraded some from
native TO phonegap for the sheer optimizing of hybrid apps using websites instead of having to
download drawables and make imageviews, etc.
Pogo:I think it hits the nail on the head
Chad B:Pogo, we get it, you like native. Thats not why we are here though. Both sides have valid
arguments. Another time/place plz?
Andrew Trice:again, let's agree to disagree and not monopolize the conversation
Ray Camden:i think we are all in agreement to move along
Jen McCarrick:i have students that can do all three - very well - that, i believe, is not a bad future for
developers - and they can help the client make the right choice at the right stage of their dev needs - it
is proven that users do not mind 'upgrades' to apps, and a PG solution that rolls into separate native
apps isn't unheard of
Pogo:I can't help but feel that PG is yet more Adobe bandwagon
Ray Camden:Pogo
Ray Camden:Adobe != Cordova
Pogo:And we know what Steve Jobs saida bout Adobe
Jen McCarrick:owners of small s/w shops are dying to hire my students - $$-making, $$-saving
Andrew Trice:phonegap existed before adobe acquired nitobi
Andrew Trice:and was immensely popular then, and even bigger now
Andrew Trice:pogo, we all agree to disagree
Ray Camden:so... getting close to the end. any more questions?
Pogo:Always $$$$ saving - shame
Steve Smith:God rest Steve Jobs, but Apple isn't flawless, and Adobe is working wonders on PhoneGap
to make it nice and clean... but back to why I came here...
Pogo:It's a race to the bottom folks!
Steve Lantz:Pogo: Customers want all three platforms the only savings here is the customers bill
Crystal McDonald:Thank you all for the problem solving help!
Pogo:Until all apps are free....
Pogo:..reduced to inane ads....
Ray Camden:Hey Pogo, seriously - I am trying to be civil here
Steve Lantz:keep telling yourself that...
Ray Camden:You are not winning friends here
jt:Pogo, how can you waste so much of other peoples time...
Andrew Trice:please get back on topic, no soapboxes
Pogo:Truth will out
Chad B:obvious troll is obvious! now with more troll!
Daniel:to bad i dont have any pure phongap questions anymore
jt:We came here to chat PG with RC - not whatever it is you are doing.
Daniel:thanks for this chat!
Ray Camden:RC+AT ;)
Steve Lantz:thanks for the chat, really appreciate it
jt:Yes +AT, super-fun Pogo not withstanding.
Andrew Trice:we still have 15 minutes left for anyone with real questions or constructive input
elliot:Really appreciate the time guys
Ray Camden:we have the best jobs in the world - this time was fun for us (if i may speak for AT as
well :)
elliot:Do you know of any good resources for example apps?
Ray Camden:both our blogs are one place
Andrew Trice:yes, let me get my list...
elliot:i'll put this over there -->
Andrew Trice:yes, see the blogs too
Steve Smith:Thanks guys.
Chad B:Well RC + AT, was fun. Pretty sure chat was killed. I'm out of questions but really enjoyed the
others. Looking forward to the notifications writeup. Thanks!
Andrew Trice:my blog is
Andrew Trice:ray's is
elliot:Andrew, I stumbled across your blog the other day, it's been big help (especially the low latency
audio plug in)
Jen McCarrick:i'm curious if anyone thinks we will actually 'see' ICS or if we will simply jump to 5?
Andrew Trice:thanks! glad its been helpful
Jen McCarrick:for development
Steve Smith:I have ICS
Andrew Trice:that's more in google & device manufacturer's court
Chad B:ics is quite nice
Chad B:check xda - make it happen yourself
Andrew Trice:i have 4 android devices, none with ICS yet
Steve Smith:I'm not sharing ;)
Jen McCarrick:true, but will ICS dominate or will 5 appear and everyone jump
Chad B:its such a gap
Jen McCarrick:we skipped 3 =)
Chad B:it pretty much requires a new phone to get, or hax0ring.
Ray Camden:ive had ICS on the Xoom for a while, not a big deal, but on phone it is incredible. got the
HTC One X yesterday
Steve Smith:that was tablet focused, they skipped because 4 provided 3 with phone support. easier
than going back and supporting phones THEN updating
Chad B:ahh, quite jelly
Jen McCarrick:nice - several of us have ICS on hero's/etc - but unless device makers lock out the
upgrade to 5...
Chad B:heros?!? holy crap! lol time for an upgrade
Jen McCarrick:yep - gotta have what the masses have to testing =)
Chad B:id get an old galaxy s :-P
Jen McCarrick:we have new devices as well...
Steven Scranton:I have an odd feeling many phone companies are waiting for the jelly bean release
for updates
Chad B:galaxy s vibrant runs ICS quite smoothly, as does my G2. was also able to add a FFC to the
vibrant for $20. lol
oc:thanks for your time guys
Ray Camden:no problem
Chad B:and yes, thanks guys. time to get back to work :-(
Andrew Trice:you're all welcome!
Steve Smith:Thanks
Andrew Trice:still a few minutes left for any additional questions
Shawn Morgart:Thanks as well, followed along as best I could seeing as I was just introduced to PG
last week!
Ray Camden:what do you think so far? honestly?
Ray Camden:any major problems?
Steven Scranton:Getting ready to do our first app with PhoneGap
Shawn Morgart:Not yet, despite what Pogo had to say I think there is logic in this process
Jen McCarrick:=)
Ray Camden:this HTML thing... it may just work out. not sure though....
Steven Scranton:I come from a web development background and the single source for android and
iOS is a great draw to reduce time
Shawn Morgart:I see both sides... it may not be the best solution for EVERY situation, but it is a great
solution for many
Ray Camden:shawn - absolutely
Ray Camden:i dont think anyone thinks PG is a solution for -everything-
Ray Camden:ive yet to find something that works 100% of the time in 100% of the cases
Ray Camden:its a mistake to think such a thing exists
Ray Camden:(now illget off my own soapbox)
Steve Smith:Ray: you just dashed my hopes and dreams ;)
Jen McCarrick:having enough skills as a developer to be able to truly make those choices is rare as
well - oftentimes you go with what you know - it's not bad to be a bit broad - especially with how
volatile this industry is
Steven Scranton:Are there any training resources or classes you would recommend for someone
getting started?
Steve Smith:I've found it best to go with what you don't know, that way you always have a fallback :D
Andrew Trice:rather than focus on phonegap, you might want to focus on creating rich HTML/JS
Andrew Trice:HTML/JS is the core of a phonegap app
Andrew Trice:there are things you need to keep in mind, like GPU via CSS3, touch input, etc...
Andrew Trice:but ultimately its all html/js application development
Ray Camden:Think we are going to officially wrap it up here folks
Steve Smith:Thanks again guys. Off to work on a newly inspired notification plugin
Ray Camden:thank you SO much for attending
Andrew Trice:thanks for attending everyone!
Steven Scranton:thank you!
Jen McCarrick:thanks again - have a good one
Shawn Morgart:Thanks
Andrew Trice:feel free to ping us with questions via blogs or twitter
Andrew Trice:@andytrice on twitter
Daniel:thanks all
Ray Camden:and im @cfjedimaster
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