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Ch 2. Docker
Three things to be aware of when referring to docker as a tech
Lowest level, starts/stops containers. Builds OS constructs like namespaces and cgroups
Containerd & runc
runc - low-level runtime, interface with OS start/stop. Every container has a runc instance managing it.
containerd - higher-level runtime, manages entire lifecycle including pulling images
OCI - governance council, standardizes low-level fundamental components of container infrastructure
0 who conceived go Robert Griesemer<div>Rob Pike</div><div>Ken Thompson</div>
0 CSP Communicating Sequential Processes<div><br></div><div>Tony Hoare 1978 paper on foundations of concurrency</div><div><br></div><div>Go ancestor</div>
0&nbsp;pernicious <div><div><div>having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way<br></div></div></div>
p4 half-open intervals indexing intervals that include the first index but exclude the last<div><br></div><div>used in Go and most languages</div>
p4 slice interval omission: someslice[1:] if n is omitted, defaults to 0 or len(someslice)
p5 variable implicit initialization "if variable declaration doesn't initialize a value, the variable is implicitly initialized to the zero value for its type.<div><br></div><div>"""" for strings</div><div>0 for numbers</div>"
p9 allowed map key types a value of any type whose values can be compared with ==
&nbsp;p9 iteration order of map random.
p9 bufio.Scanner reads input and breaks it into lines or words, often easiest way to p
p31 Claude Shannon systematized use of binary numbers into math/logic that computer use<div><br><div><div>well known for founding&nbsp;digital circuit&nbsp;design theory in 1937 (wikipedia)<br></div></div></div>
p31 Ted Nelson "Description of computer ""a box that follows a plan""<div><br></div><div><b>Theodor Holm Nelson</b>&nbsp;(born June 17, 1937) is an American pioneer of&nbsp;information technology, philosopher and sociologist. He coined the terms&nbsp;<i>hypertext</i>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<i>hypermedia</i>&nbsp;in 1963 and published them in 1965. (wikipedia)<br></div>"
p32 harvard architecture Mark1, early computer (1944), stored instructionns and data separately
p32 protean <div><div><div><i>adjective</i></div><div><b></b></div></div></div><div><div><div><div><div><div>tending or able to change frequently or easily.</div></div></div></div></div></div>
p32 John von Neumannn Guy who had insight that computer programs are data and should be stored in same memory system
p33 system memory ~ long row of storage co
# sort by date added
foo () {
while read f
echo "$(git log --format="%at" --reverse "$f" | head -n1) --> $f"
done | sort -n
find ./til-autoformat-readme | foo
# p2
- JS representation of DOM, diffing in userland
# p16
- http// (bootstrap alternative)
# p19
- first annoying side quest, figure out how to make `standardjs` compatible with project
- added standard config to package.json
cflynn07 /
Last active March 27, 2020 17:29
looping over files matching brace expansion
RESULT=$(for file in web/static/images/fullstack-react-time-tracking{"","-1","-2","-3"}.png; do
echo $file
echo -n "before:\t"; du -h $file | awk '{print $1}'
magick convert $file -resize 50% $file
echo -n "after:\t"; du -h $file | awk '{print $1}'
echo $RESULT
echo $RESULT | pbcopy
- deprecation of mysql query browser for mysql workbench
- use of mycli
- p65 tips for using wildcards, avoid wildcard at start of string - performance
- p91 SOUDNEX, never heard of this before
- p102 COUNT(*) all rows, COUNT(column) only rows with NON-NULL values for column
- p113 "WITH ROLLUP"
- p114 * WHERE does not work with groups (WHERE doesn't know what a group is)
- HAVING <-- this works on groups, I didn't previously know this
# Chapter 1
###### p1
- Reason for storage engine architecture is to separate query processing and data
storage & retrieval
###### p4
- two lock types: shared locks, exclusive locks (read locks, write locks) - lock granularity is customizable in MySQL
- table locks - lowest overhead
- READ LOCAL - table lock, allows some types of concurrent write ops
package handlers
import (
// HomeHandler / route handler
cflynn07 / .zshrc
Last active February 18, 2019 02:46
zshrc backup
# Casey Flynn <>
# January 18, 2019
source /Users/caseyflynn/antigen.zsh
# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh
# Bundles from the default repo (robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh).
antigen bundle git