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Canberra JS First Meetup, August 21st 6PM, Icelab

CanberraJS Meetup, 21st August 2013

Hello All!

The first Canberra JS meetup will be held tonight at 6PM at the icelab office in Hobart Place, Civic. (Icelab is on level 3.)

Here’s a map:,149.126953&spn=0.002268,0.005681&z=18&iwloc=A

If you get stuck outside, please call the icelab office phone on (02) 6162 0241 and somebody will come down and let you in. :)


Given that this is the first JS meetup, we’ll try and keep things pretty casual. If we get time, anybody who’s got something JS related to talk about should jump up on stage for five minutes and tell us about it!

I’ll be demonstrating Behaviour Assertion Sheets, a node.js-driven system for testing and quality-assuring web sites and applications. And as a core developer, I’ve also secured permission to give everybody a sneak-peek at Ghost ( a new JS-driven blogging platform which recently secured over 195,000 GBP in a kickstarter campaign!

Ben Williamson of Reasonwell fame will be talking about URL routing with grammars:

Routing Requests to Resources with PEG

Routing in Express is typically spread across the application, with each handler defining a route pattern that might extract some parameters from the URL. It can be hard to keep routes organised, and sometimes there is duplication of code for extracting parameters from similar route patterns. Reasonwell separates URL parsing from route handling, by defining classes for the resource types that can be addressed. It uses a PEG grammar to describe the entire URL space for the application, extracting parameters and passing control to the appropriate resource class for each request. This approach still has some rough edges but it showed some maintainability benefits for Reasonwell.


I’ve got a $200 discount code for Web Directions South that John Allsopp kindly emailed me the other day, to give out. If you haven’t heard of Web Directions South — well, it’s Australia’s premier web conference, attracting international speakers and playing host to some amazing talks and workshops. See for details.

But you’ll have to attend to get the discount! :)

Hope to see you tonight! Please forward this around to your friends and colleagues!

Kind Regards,

Christopher Giffard (And Hugh Evans!)

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