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commented May 21, 2013

(ns tron.bots.paddy
  (:require [tron.core :as tron]))

;; Start of max-moves-strategy implementation

(defn right [[x y]]
  [(inc x) y])

(defn down [[x y]]
  [x (inc y)])

(defn up [[x y]]
  [x (dec y)])

(defn left [[x y]]
  [(dec x) y])

(defn count-moves [moves look] (count (take-while (complement look) moves)))
;; (count-moves (iterate right [1 0]) mock-look)
;; (count-moves (iterate left [5 5]) mock-look)
;; (count-moves (iterate up [0 0]) mock-look)
;; (count-moves (iterate down [0 4]) mock-look)

(defn count-moves-right [pos look] (count-moves (rest (iterate right pos)) look))
;; (count-moves-right [1 0] mock-look)
;; (count-moves-right [2 1] mock-look)

(defn count-moves-left [pos look] (count-moves (rest (iterate left pos)) look))
;; (count-moves-left [8 10] mock-look)

(defn count-moves-up [pos look] (count-moves (rest (iterate up pos)) look))
;; (count-moves-up [0 9] mock-look)

(defn count-moves-down [pos look] (count-moves (rest (iterate down pos)) look))
;; (count-moves-down [10 1] mock-look)

(defn max-valid-moves [pos look] 
  (max (count-moves-up pos look)
       (count-moves-down pos look)
       (count-moves-left pos look)
       (count-moves-right pos look)))
;; (max-valid-moves [5 3] mock-look)

(defn select-max-move [pos look]
  (let [max-moves (max-valid-moves pos look)
        up-moves (count-moves-up pos look)
        down-moves (count-moves-down pos look)
        left-moves (count-moves-left pos look)
        right-moves (count-moves-right pos look)]
      (= up-moves max-moves) (up pos)
      (= down-moves max-moves) (down pos)
      (= left-moves max-moves) (left pos)
      (= right-moves max-moves) (right pos))))

;(select-max-move [2 8] mock-look)

(defn max-moves-strategy
  [look {pos :pos}]
  {:pos (select-max-move pos look)})


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commented May 21, 2013

; Yolina
(ns tron.bots.squiggly
  (:require [tron.core :as tron]))

(def mock-bots
  {[2 0] true
    [5 3] true})

(defn mock-look
  (if (tron/valid-pos? pos)
    (get mock-bots pos) :wall))

(def directions #{[1 0] [0 1] [-1 0] [0 -1]})
(def poss [0 0])
; (defn move [[x y] [dx dy]] [(+ x dx) (+ y dy)])

(defn right [[x y]] [(inc x) y])
(defn down [[x y]] [x (inc y)])
(defn left [[x y]] [(- x 1) y])
(defn up [[x y]] [x (- y 1)])

(defn all-valid [f pos] (rest (iterate f pos)))
(defn valids [look f pos] (count (take-while (complement look) (all-valid f pos))))

; Call this function
(defn move
  [look {pos :pos}]
  (let [dirs [up down left right]
      best (apply max-key #(valids look % pos) dirs)]
    {:pos (best pos)})

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