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Created April 4, 2017 03:54
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Given an array of placeholder values and a FastRoute uri definition build a url
function buildUrl($uri, array $params) {
$matches = [];
$pattern = '{\s* ([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*) \s*(?:: \s* ([^{}]*(?:\{(?-1)\}[^{}]*)*))?\}';
$optionalSegments = '\[.*'.$pattern.'\]';
$uri = preg_replace_callback('~'.$optionalSegments.'~x', function($match) use ($params) {
$uri = trim($match[0], '[]');
if (isset($params[$match[1]])) {
return trim($match[0],'[]');
return '';
}, $uri);
return preg_replace_callback('~'.$pattern.'~x', function($match) use ($params) {
if (!isset($params[$match[1]])) {
throw new RuntimeException("'".$match[1]."' not defined in input array");
return $params[$match[1]];
}, $uri);
$uri = '/articles/{id:\d+}[/{name}]';
$params = [
echo buildUrl($uri, $params);
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