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Delete Extra Plugin Tables When a Site Is Deleted in WordPress Multisite
* Add any custom tables that this plugin creates for an individual site to the list
* of tables that get deleted when a site is deleted.
* @see
add_filter( 'wpmu_drop_tables', 'delete_my_plugin_tables', 10, 2 );
function delete_my_plugin_tables( $tables=array(), $blog_id=null ) {
* Make sure the blog ID parameter was sent, so we don't
* accidentally delete tables for the wrong blog
if ( empty( $blog_id ) || 1 == $blog_id || $blog_id != $GLOBALS['blog_id'] )
return $tables;
* Assume our plugin added three new tables called "plugin_table_1", "plugin_table_2" and "plugin_table_3"
* to each site on which it's active
global $wpdb;
$blog_prefix = $wpdb->get_blog_prefix( $blog_id );
$base_prefix = $wpdb->base_prefix;
$plugin_tables = array( 'plugin_table_1', 'plugin_table_2', 'plugin_table_3' );
* Since the $wpdb->tables() call in the wpmu_delete_blog() function is called without the
* $prefix parameter, the list of tables sent through this filter will all be prefixed
* with the appropriate blog prefix before it gets to this filter. We need to prefix
* our list of tables, as well, before sending it back.
foreach ( $plugin_tables as $k => $table ) {
$tables[$table] = $blog_prefix . $table;
return $tables;
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