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SugarOutfitters Starter Webhook Script
// get the webhook response
$body = @file_get_contents('php://input');
// decode the json data into a php object
$response = json_decode($body);
// the webhook property tells us exactly which webhook event was fired
// so let's create a case for a few webhooks
switch ($response->webhook)
case 'sale_new':
// Someone purchased your add-on, your code goes here
case 'case_created':
// A support case was created, your code goes here
case 'usercount_changed':
// The number of users has changed for a customer's license key, your code goes here
case 'question_created':
// A question has been asked about your add-on, your code goes here
class SugarOutfittersHelper
public static function sale_new($response)
// get the data from the event
// a new sale gives you the addon, lineitem, member and licensekey objects related to the purchase
$addon = $response->data->addon; // the addon that was purchased
$lineitem = $response->data->lineitem; // we give you the lineitem because you may have multiple purchase plans for an add-on
$member = $response->data->member; // your new customer!
$licensekey = $response->data->licensekey; // if you're using SugarOutfitters lincense keys, the details of the license key are listed here
// write whatever logic you need to kick off a new sale (below are made up methods...)
alert_billing_of_new_purchase($addon->name, $lineitem->plan_name, $member->name, $member->email);
public static function case_created($response)
// get the data from the event
// a case created event
$case = $repsonse->data->case;
$member = $response->data->member;
$addon = $response->data->addon;
// write whatever you want to occur when a new case is created (below are made up methods...)
public static function usercount_changed($response){}
public static function question_created($response){}
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