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Last active Dec 4, 2018

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map int to Op—no OXXX so that line numbers map properly
ONAME // var or func name
ONONAME // unnamed arg or return value: f(int, string) (int, error) { etc }
OTYPE // type name
OPACK // import
OLITERAL // literal
OADD // Left + Right
OSUB // Left - Right
OOR // Left | Right
OXOR // Left ^ Right
OADDSTR // +{List} (string addition, list elements are strings)
OADDR // &Left
OANDAND // Left && Right
OAPPEND // append(List); after walk, Left may contain elem type descriptor
OBYTES2STR // Type(Left) (Type is string, Left is a []byte)
OBYTES2STRTMP // Type(Left) (Type is string, Left is a []byte, ephemeral)
ORUNES2STR // Type(Left) (Type is string, Left is a []rune)
OSTR2BYTES // Type(Left) (Type is []byte, Left is a string)
OSTR2BYTESTMP // Type(Left) (Type is []byte, Left is a string, ephemeral)
OSTR2RUNES // Type(Left) (Type is []rune, Left is a string)
OAS // Left = Right or (if Colas=true) Left := Right
OAS2 // List = Rlist (x, y, z = a, b, c)
OAS2FUNC // List = Rlist (x, y = f())
OAS2RECV // List = Rlist (x, ok = <-c)
OAS2MAPR // List = Rlist (x, ok = m["foo"])
OAS2DOTTYPE // List = Rlist (x, ok = I.(int))
OASOP // Left Etype= Right (x += y)
OCALL // Left(List) (function call, method call or type conversion)
OCALLFUNC // Left(List/Rlist) (function call f(args))
OCALLMETH // Left(List/Rlist) (direct method call x.Method(args))
OCALLINTER // Left(List/Rlist) (interface method call x.Method(args))
OCALLPART // Left.Right (method expression x.Method, not called)
OCAP // cap(Left)
OCLOSE // close(Left)
OCLOSURE // func Type { Body } (func literal)
OCOMPLIT // Right{List} (composite literal, not yet lowered to specific form)
OMAPLIT // Type{List} (composite literal, Type is map)
OSTRUCTLIT // Type{List} (composite literal, Type is struct)
OARRAYLIT // Type{List} (composite literal, Type is array)
OSLICELIT // Type{List} (composite literal, Type is slice)
OPTRLIT // &Left (left is composite literal)
OCONV // Type(Left) (type conversion)
OCONVIFACE // Type(Left) (type conversion, to interface)
OCONVNOP // Type(Left) (type conversion, no effect)
OCOPY // copy(Left, Right)
ODCL // var Left (declares Left of type Left.Type)
ODCLFUNC // func f() or func (r) f()
ODCLFIELD // struct field, interface field, or func/method argument/return value.
ODCLCONST // const pi = 3.14
ODCLTYPE // type Int int or type Int = int
ODELETE // delete(Left, Right)
ODOT // Left.Sym (Left is of struct type)
ODOTPTR // Left.Sym (Left is of pointer to struct type)
ODOTMETH // Left.Sym (Left is non-interface, Right is method name)
ODOTINTER // Left.Sym (Left is interface, Right is method name)
OXDOT // Left.Sym (before rewrite to one of the preceding)
ODOTTYPE // Left.Right or Left.Type (.Right during parsing, .Type once resolved); after walk, .Right contains address of interface type descriptor and .Right.Right contains address of concrete type descriptor
ODOTTYPE2 // Left.Right or Left.Type (.Right during parsing, .Type once resolved; on rhs of OAS2DOTTYPE); after walk, .Right contains address of interface type descriptor
OEQ // Left == Right
ONE // Left != Right
OLT // Left < Right
OLE // Left <= Right
OGE // Left >= Right
OGT // Left > Right
ODEREF // *Left
OINDEX // Left[Right] (index of array or slice)
OINDEXMAP // Left[Right] (index of map)
OKEY // Left:Right (key:value in struct/array/map literal)
OSTRUCTKEY // Sym:Left (key:value in struct literal, after type checking)
OLEN // len(Left)
OMAKE // make(List) (before type checking converts to one of the following)
OMAKECHAN // make(Type, Left) (type is chan)
OMAKEMAP // make(Type, Left) (type is map)
OMAKESLICE // make(Type, Left, Right) (type is slice)
OMUL // Left * Right
ODIV // Left / Right
OMOD // Left % Right
OLSH // Left << Right
ORSH // Left >> Right
OAND // Left & Right
OANDNOT // Left &^ Right
ONEW // new(Left)
ONOT // !Left
OBITNOT // ^Left
OPLUS // +Left
ONEG // -Left
OOROR // Left || Right
OPANIC // panic(Left)
OPRINT // print(List)
OPRINTN // println(List)
OPAREN // (Left)
OSEND // Left <- Right
OSLICE // Left[List[0] : List[1]] (Left is untypechecked or slice)
OSLICEARR // Left[List[0] : List[1]] (Left is array)
OSLICESTR // Left[List[0] : List[1]] (Left is string)
OSLICE3 // Left[List[0] : List[1] : List[2]] (Left is untypedchecked or slice)
OSLICE3ARR // Left[List[0] : List[1] : List[2]] (Left is array)
OSLICEHEADER // sliceheader{Left, List[0], List[1]} (Left is unsafe.Pointer, List[0] is length, List[1] is capacity)
ORECOVER // recover()
ORECV // <-Left
ORUNESTR // Type(Left) (Type is string, Left is rune)
OSELRECV // Left = <-Right.Left: (appears as .Left of OCASE; Right.Op == ORECV)
OSELRECV2 // List = <-Right.Left: (apperas as .Left of OCASE; count(List) == 2, Right.Op == ORECV)
OIOTA // iota
OREAL // real(Left)
OIMAG // imag(Left)
OCOMPLEX // complex(Left, Right)
OALIGNOF // unsafe.Alignof(Left)
OOFFSETOF // unsafe.Offsetof(Left)
OSIZEOF // unsafe.Sizeof(Left)
OBLOCK // { List } (block of code)
OBREAK // break [Sym]
OCASE // case Left or List[0]..List[1]: Nbody (select case after processing; Left==nil and List==nil means default)
OXCASE // case List: Nbody (select case before processing; List==nil means default)
OCONTINUE // continue [Sym]
ODEFER // defer Left (Left must be call)
OEMPTY // no-op (empty statement)
OFALL // fallthrough
OFOR // for Ninit; Left; Right { Nbody }
OGOTO // goto Sym
OIF // if Ninit; Left { Nbody } else { Rlist }
OLABEL // Sym:
OGO // go Left (Left must be call)
ORANGE // for List = range Right { Nbody }
ORETURN // return List
OSELECT // select { List } (List is list of OXCASE or OCASE)
OSWITCH // switch Ninit; Left { List } (List is a list of OXCASE or OCASE)
OTYPESW // Left = Right.(type) (appears as .Left of OSWITCH)
OTCHAN // chan int
OTMAP // map[string]int
OTSTRUCT // struct{}
OTINTER // interface{}
OTFUNC // func()
OTARRAY // []int, [8]int, [N]int or [...]int
ODDD // func f(args or f(l...) or var a = [...]int{0, 1, 2}.
ODDDARG // func f(args, introduced by escape analysis.
OINLCALL // intermediary representation of an inlined call.
OEFACE // itable and data words of an empty-interface value.
OITAB // itable word of an interface value.
OIDATA // data word of an interface value in Left
OSPTR // base pointer of a slice or string.
OCLOSUREVAR // variable reference at beginning of closure function
OCFUNC // reference to c function pointer (not go func value)
OCHECKNIL // emit code to ensure pointer/interface not nil
OVARDEF // variable is about to be fully initialized
OVARKILL // variable is dead
OVARLIVE // variable is alive
OINDREGSP // offset plus indirect of REGSP, such as 8(SP).
ORETJMP // return to other function
OGETG // runtime.getg() (read g pointer)
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