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// For LG AC
Author: AnalysIR
Revision: 1.0
This code is provided to overcome an issue with Arduino IR libraries
It allows you to capture raw timings for signals longer than 255 marks & spaces.
Typical use case is for long Air conditioner signals.
You can use the output to plug back into IRremote, to resend the signal.
This Software was written by AnalysIR.
Usage: Free to use, subject to conditions posted on blog below.
Please credit AnalysIR and provide a link to our website/blog, where possible.
Copyright AnalysIR 2014
Please refer to the blog posting for conditions associated with use.
IR Receiver Arduino
V+ -> +5v
Signal Out -> Digital Pin 2
(If using a 3V Arduino, you may connect V+ to +3V)
#define LEDPIN 13
//you may increase this value on Arduinos with greater than 2k SRAM
#define maxLen 800
volatile unsigned int irBuffer[maxLen]; //stores timings - volatile because changed by ISR
volatile unsigned int x = 0; //Pointer thru irBuffer - volatile because changed by ISR
void setup() {
Serial.begin(38400); //change BAUD rate as required
pinMode(4, OUTPUT); // VCC pin
pinMode(3, OUTPUT); // GND ping
digitalWrite(4, HIGH); // VCC +5V mode
digitalWrite(3, LOW); // GND mode
attachInterrupt(0, rxIR_Interrupt_Handler, CHANGE);//set up ISR for receiving IR signal
void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
Serial.println(F("Press the button on the remote now - once only"));
delay(5000); // pause 5 secs
if (x) { //if a signal is captured
digitalWrite(LEDPIN, HIGH);//visual indicator that signal received
Serial.print(F("Raw: (")); //dump raw header format - for library
Serial.print((x - 1));
Serial.print(F(") "));
detachInterrupt(0);//stop interrupts & capture until finshed here
for (int i = 1; i < x; i++) { //now dump the times
if (!(i & 0x1)) Serial.print(F("-"));
Serial.print(irBuffer[i] - irBuffer[i - 1]);
Serial.print(F(", "));
// for bin output by
for (int n = 3; n < x; n++) { //now dump the times
if (!(n & 0x1)) {
if ( (irBuffer[n] - irBuffer[n - 1]) > 1000 ) {
} else {
if ( ((n -2) % 8 ) == 0 ) {
Serial.print(" ");
x = 0;
digitalWrite(LEDPIN, LOW);//end of visual indicator, for this time
attachInterrupt(0, rxIR_Interrupt_Handler, CHANGE);//re-enable ISR for receiving IR signal
void rxIR_Interrupt_Handler() {
if (x > maxLen) return; //ignore if irBuffer is already full
irBuffer[x++] = micros(); //just continually record the time-stamp of signal transitions
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