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returns basic business info like name, location, etc.
disadv: only textual data. no restaurant logos

Zomato API

  • Search for restaurants by name, cuisine, or location
  • Display detailed information including ratings, location and cuisine
  • Use the Zomato Foodie Index to show great areas to dine in a city

Get/search returns URL of menu too. Examples:

To search for 'Italian' restaurants in 'Manhattan, New York City', set cuisines = 55, entity_id = 94741 and entity_type = zone To search for 'cafes' in 'Manhattan, New York City', set establishment_type = 1, entity_type = zone and entity_id = 94741 Get list of all restaurants in 'Trending this Week' collection in 'New York City' by using entity_id = 280, entity_type = city and collection_id = 1

get/daily_menu Get daily menu using Zomato restaurant ID.

get/restaurant Get detailed restaurant information using Zomato restaurant ID. Partner Access is required to access photos and reviews.

Get/review Get restaurant reviews using the Zomato restaurant ID. Only 5 latest reviews are available under the Basic API plan.



Google Places

more useful for finding places (restaurants in out case) rather than finding details about a place (restaurant).

somebody said on Quora: these are the big four- Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Factual, and Google

TripAdvisor: out of scope for our project
Can I access the API in order to add TripAdvisor data in my reputation management tool or B2B product?

No - the TripAdvisor Content API is intended for consumer-facing (B2C) websites & apps only.

My site does not have a working URL - can I apply?

Websites and apps without working URLs are not eligible for a Content API key. Please resubmit your application once your site has gone live and established a predictable monthly visitor base.

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