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Last active Mar 15, 2021
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Get orders for MS Power BI
select, orders.external_id, orders.created_at, order_items.article_id, as manufacturer_name, as article_name, order_items.tariff_id, as provider_name, as tariff_name,tariffs.commission as tariff_provision, orders.external_status_order,orders.utm_partner, orders.utm_source, articles.cost_price,
(SELECT value FROM `property_values` WHERE `item_id` = `articles`.`id` AND `property_type_id` = 2 ) as device_storage,
(SELECT value FROM `property_values` WHERE `item_id` = `articles`.`id` AND `property_type_id` = 5 ) as device_color
from `orders` inner join `order_items` on `order_items`.`order_id` = `orders`.`id` inner join `articles` on `articles`.`id` = `order_items`.`article_id` inner join `manufacturers` on `manufacturers`.`id` = `articles`.`manufacturer_id` inner join `tariffs` on `tariffs`.`id` = `order_items`.`tariff_id` inner join `providers` on `providers`.`id` = `tariffs`.`provider_id`
where year(`orders`.`created_at`) = '2021' and month(`orders`.`created_at`) = '3'
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