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Drop Table, Model, Migration in Rails

Dropping Migration Table, Models, Controller

Command Line

1. Drop Table/Migration

rails generate migration DropTablename

A file will be created, in the db > migrate folder, make sure it looks like:

class DropUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    drop_table :users

2. Drop Model

rails d model user

3. Drop Controller

rails d controller users

4. Re-Migrate

be rake db:migrate
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Dmoment commented Jan 6, 2020

Thanks, It was helpful.

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Thank you. Concise and helpful.

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ayoa77 commented Oct 21, 2020

Ha perfect! Thanks for this. I find myself looking this type of stuff up constantly, this was exactly what I needed 👍

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Thanks a lot !
But be careful your migration will not be reversible.
For this, you need to add something like this :

class DropEventExport < ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0]
  def change
    drop_table :event_exports do |t|
      t.boolean "global", default: false
      t.string "file_file_name"
      t.string "file_content_type"
      t.integer "file_file_size"
      t.datetime "file_updated_at"

      t.timestamps null: false

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This is great, thanks. Also, rails g migration DropTablename works as well

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what about the associations created in schema file? how to remove them

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mtpedro commented Nov 5, 2023

Very helpful, thanks!

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