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Created June 9, 2011 17:41
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Small Python multi-threaded file downloader
import urllib2
import threading
from Queue import Queue
import sys, os, re
class ThreadedDownload(object):
'hostname_strip':re.compile('.*\..*?/', re.I)
class MissingDirectoryException(Exception):
class Downloader(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, queue, report):
self.queue = queue = report
def run(self):
while self.queue.empty() == False:
url = self.queue.get()
response =
if response == False and url.url_tried < url.url_tries:
elif response == False and url.url_tried == url.url_tries:['failure'].append(url)
elif response == True:['success'].append(url)
class URLTarget(object):
def __init__(self, url, destination, url_tries):
self.url = url
self.destination = destination
self.url_tries = url_tries
self.url_tried = 0
self.success = False
self.error = None
def download(self):
self.url_tried = self.url_tried + 1
if os.path.exists(self.destination): # This file has already been downloaded
self.success = True
return self.success
remote_file = urllib2.urlopen(self.url)
package =
if os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(self.destination)) == False:
dest_file = open(self.destination, 'wb')
self.success = True
except Exception, e:
self.error = e
return self.success
def __str__(self):
return 'URLTarget (%(url)s, %(success)s, %(error)s)' % {'url':self.url, 'success':self.success, 'error':self.error}
def __init__(self, urls=[], destination='.', directory_structure=False, thread_count=5, url_tries=3):
if os.path.exists(destination) == False:
raise ThreadedDownload.MissingDirectoryException('Destination folder does not exist.')
self.queue = Queue(0) # Infinite sized queue = {'success':[],'failure':[]}
self.threads = []
if destination[-1] != os.path.sep:
destination = destination + os.path.sep
self.destination = destination
self.thread_count = thread_count
self.directory_structure = directory_structure
# Prepopulate queue with any values we were given
for url in urls:
self.queue.put(ThreadedDownload.URLTarget(url, self.fileDestination(url), url_tries))
def fileDestination(self, url):
if self.directory_structure == False:
# No directory structure, just filenames
file_destination = '%s%s' % (self.destination, os.path.basename(url))
elif self.directory_structure == True:
# Strip off hostname, keep all other directories
file_destination = '%s%s' % (self.destination, ThreadedDownload.REGEX['hostname_strip'].sub('', url))
elif hasattr(self.directory_structure, '__len__') and len(self.directory_structure) == 2:
# User supplied a custom regex replace
regex = self.directory_structure[0]
if instanceof(regex, str):
regex = re.compile(str)
replace = self.directory_structure[1]
file_destination = '%s%s' % (self.destination, regex.sub(replace, url))
# No idea what's wanted
file_destination = None
if hasattr(file_destination, 'replace'):
file_destination = file_destination.replace('/', os.path.sep)
return file_destination
def addTarget(self, url, url_tries=3):
self.queue.put(ThreadedDownload.URLTarget(url, self.fileDestination(url), url_tries))
def run(self):
for i in range(self.thread_count):
thread = ThreadedDownload.Downloader(self.queue,
if self.queue.qsize() > 0:
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
print 'No source URLs given.'
url_source_path = sys.argv[1]
if not os.path.exists(url_source_path):
print '`%s` not found.' % url_source_path
# Load urls
url_source = open(url_source_path, 'r')
urls = [url.strip() for url in url_source.readlines()]
# Download destination
if len(sys.argv) >= 3:
destination = sys.argv[2]
if not os.path.exists(destination):
print 'Destination `%s` does not exist.'
destination = '.'
# Number of threads
if len(sys.argv) >= 4:
threads = int(sys.argv[3])
threads = 5
downloader = ThreadedDownload(urls, destination, True, threads, 3)
print 'Downloading %s files' % len(urls)
print 'Downloaded %(success)s of %(total)s' % {'success': len(['success']), 'total': len(urls)}
if len(['failure']) > 0:
print '\nFailed urls:'
for url in['failure']:
print url
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well done man, will this work on appengine? i need a the php version of this script to make few free php scripts for my free php script download site.

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This only works for files which fit into memory.

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Is it possible to use multi proxies for each thread?

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alik604 commented Nov 18, 2019

For files that don't fit into memory.

from urllib.request import urlopen
response = urlopen(url)
with open('./myFile.pdf', 'wb') as f:
        while True:
            chunk =
            if not chunk:

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How do you use it?

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