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Created October 11, 2019 00:01
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subprojects { Project project ->
project.apply from: xplatRoot.absolutePath + "/tools/gradle/test_results_formatter.gradle"
project.plugins.withId('') {
project.apply plugin: 'kotlin-android'
if (project.hasProperty('apply_jacoco_plugin') {
// Runs in CI or when a local dev enables this property
project.apply from: xplatRoot.absolutePath + "/tools/gradle/jacoco_test_coverage.gradle"
} {
compileSdkVersion androidCompileSdkVersion
buildToolsVersion androidBuildToolsVersion
lintOptions {
ignore 'MissingTranslation'
defaultConfig {
minSdkVersion androidMinSdkVersion
targetSdkVersion androidTargetSdkVersion
testInstrumentationRunner 'com.dropbox.base.test.runner.DbxBaseTestRunner'
// This is needed for when we build this as a standalone target,
// which will typically be in tests.
multiDexEnabled true
compileOptions {
sourceCompatibility androidSourceCompatibility
targetCompatibility androidTargetCompatibility
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