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RailsConf 2015

Railsconf 2015


09:30 [202]   KEYNOTE, DHH  
10:30 [L2]    BREAK  
11:00 [202]   Prying Open The Black Box, Godfrey Chan  
11:50         PASS  
12:30 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
01:50 [204AB] Slightly Less Painful Time Zones, Katherine Wu  
      [204FG] Implementing a Strong Code-Reiew Culture, Derek Prior  
02:40         PASS  
03:20 [L3]    BREAK  
03:50         PASS  
04:40         PASS  
05:30 [202]   KEYNOTE, Sara Chipps  


09:00 [202]   KEYNOTE, Aaron Patterson  
10:00 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
10:50 [204FG] SVG charts and graphics with Ruby  
11:40         PASS  
12:20 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
01:50 [204AB] AMS, API, Rails and a developer, a Love Story, João Moura  
      [204H]  Bending the Curve: How Rust Helped Us Write Better Ruby, Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale  
      [204IJ] Getting a Handle on Legacy Code, Randy Coulman  
02:40         PASS  
03:30 [202]   Ruby on Rails on Minitest  
      [204FG] Implementing a visual CSS testing framework  
04:10 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
05:30 [202]   LIGHTNING TALKS  


09:00 [202]   Ruby Heroes Awards, Rails Core Panel  
10:00 [l3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
10:50 [204AB] Designing a Great Ruby API - How We're Simplifying Rails 5, Sean Griffin  
      [204CD] Using JavaScript from the Future in Your Rails App Today, Steve Kinney  
11:40 [202]   Sometimes a Controller is Just a Controller, Justin Searls  
      [204CD] Your Front End Framework is Overkill - Server Side JavaScript w/ Rails, Jim Jones  
12:20 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
01:50 [204CD] ZOMG..... IT'S ME!  
02:40 [204AB] The power of cache in a slow world, Michael May  
03:20 [L3]    EXHIBIT HALL  
04:20 [202]   Nothing is Something  
05:10 [202]   KEYNOTE, Kent Beck  
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