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Using PyObjC and NSWorkspace to set the desktop picture. I am such a hypocrite!
'''Uses Cocoa classes via PyObjC to set a random desktop picture on all screens.
Tested on Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
import glob
import random
from AppKit import NSWorkspace, NSScreen
from Foundation import NSURL
pictures_glob = glob.glob("/Library/Desktop Pictures/*.jpg")
picture_path = random.choice(pictures_glob)
# generate a fileURL for the desktop picture
file_url = NSURL.fileURLWithPath_(picture_path)
# make image options dictionary
# we just make an empty one because the defaults are fine
options = {}
# get shared workspace
ws = NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace()
# iterate over all screens
for screen in NSScreen.screens():
# tell the workspace to set the desktop picture
(result, error) = ws.setDesktopImageURL_forScreen_options_error_(
file_url, screen, options, None)
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