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Last active May 2, 2021 06:36
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Typora mathjax config. Need to change the file in `/Applications/`
skipStartupTypeset: true,
jax: ["input/TeX", "output/SVG"],
extensions: ["tex2jax.js", "toMathML.js"],
TeX: {
extensions: ["noUndefined.js", "autoload-all.js", "AMSmath.js", "AMSsymbols.js", "mediawiki-texvc.js"],
mhchem: { legacy: false },
Macros: {
R: '{\\mathbb{R}}',
N: '{\\mathbb{N}}',
Z: '{\\mathbb{Z}}',
C: '{\\mathbb{C}}',
F: '{\\mathbb{F}}',
e: '{\\varepsilon}',
eps: '{\\varepsilon}',
argmin: '{\\mathop{\\operatorname*{arg\\,min}}}',
argmax: '{\\mathop{\\operatorname*{arg\\,max}}}',
mex: '{\\mathop{\\operatorname{mex}}}',
lcm: '{\\mathop{\\operatorname{lcm}}}',
bigtriangleright: '{\\mathop{\\Large \\triangleright}}',
bigtriangleleft: '{\\mathop{\\Large \\triangleleft}}',
set: ['\\left\\{ #1 \\right\\}',1],
floor: ['\\left\\lfloor #1 \\right\\rfloor',1],
ceil: ['\\left\\lceil #1 \\right\\rceil',1],
abs: ['\\left| #1 \\right|',1]
SVG: {
useGlobalCache: false,
merrorStyle: {
fontSize:"90%", color:"red", background:"",
border: "1px solid red", padding:"2px"
scale: 100,
minScaleAdjust: 80,
blacker: 0,
matchFontHeight: false
showProcessingMessages: false,
tex2jax: {
displayMath: [['$$\n', '\n$$'], ['$$\r\n', '\r\n$$']],
inlineMath: [ ['$','$']],
processEscapes: true,
preview: "none",
skipTags: ["script","noscript","style","textarea","pre","code", "span"],
processClass: "md-inline-math|inline-math-export-jax"
menuSettings: {
inTabOrder: false
showMathMenu: false,
positionToHash: false
MathJax.Hub.processSectionDelay = 0;
MathJax.Hub.processUpdateTime = 25;
MathJax.Hub.processUpdateDelay = 0;
MathJax.Hub.Queue(["setRenderer", MathJax.Hub, "SVG"]);
MathJax.Hub.Register.StartupHook("TeX autoload-all Ready", function () {
var MACROS = MathJax.InputJax.TeX.Definitions.macros;
MACROS.color = "Color";
delete MACROS.colorbox;
delete MACROS.fcolorbox;
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