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terraform environment
# Usage: ./ once to initialize remote storage for this environment.
# Subsequent tf actions in this environment don't require re-initialization,
# unless you have completely cleared your .terraform cache.
# terraform plan -var-file=./production.tfvars
# terraform apply -var-file=./production.tfvars
terraform remote config -backend=s3 \
-backend-config="bucket=hound-terraform-state" \
-backend-config="key=$tf_env.tfstate" \
echo "set remote s3 state to $tf_env.tfstate"

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@charity charity commented May 18, 2016

path: $gitroot/infra/terraform/env-prod/


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@sean-abbott sean-abbott commented Jun 7, 2016

So, the question I have about this, is does it always sync the state to the same .terraform file? So if I'm running a dev cycle, and do env-dev/, finalize it, and then do env-prod/, will the local file be .terraform/terraform.tfstate no matter what?

Has that been a problem (following along with your wonderful and timely blog post, btw).



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@jedi4ever jedi4ever commented Jul 18, 2016

@sean-abbott I guess it will use $(PWD) to use .terraform . So if you switch dirs (cd env-dev or cd env-production) and then run you'll get:

   - [.terraform]
      - .terraform.state
   - [.terraform]
      - .terraform.state

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@spanktar spanktar commented Jul 21, 2016

We're doing much of what you've outlined here (hooray, we're doing it right too!), but my question is this: if you have a terraform remote state resource, why do you need to initialize it with the shell script? We had our own shell script already and it was my thinking that putting the remote state into Terraform as a resource would eliminate the need for it. BY which I mean, we had the shell script and NO terraform remote state resource declaration and it worked just fine.



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@pporada-gl pporada-gl commented Aug 2, 2016

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