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Trawling Clojure's thread-local frames
(ns thread-utils)
(def ^:private frame-prev-field (doto (.getDeclaredField clojure.lang.Var$Frame "prev") (.setAccessible true)))
(def ^:private bindings-field (doto (.getDeclaredField clojure.lang.Var$Frame "bindings") (.setAccessible true)))
(def ^:private tbox-val-field (doto (.getDeclaredField clojure.lang.Var$TBox "val") (.setAccessible true)))
(def ^:private thread-locals-field (doto (.getDeclaredField Thread "threadLocals") (.setAccessible true)))
(def ^:private thread-local-map-field (doto (.getDeclaredField java.lang.ThreadLocal$ThreadLocalMap "table") (.setAccessible true)))
(def ^:private entry-value-field (doto (.getDeclaredField java.lang.ThreadLocal$ThreadLocalMap$Entry "value") (.setAccessible true)))
(defn all-threads []
(let [thread-array (into-array Thread (repeat 255 nil))] (Thread/enumerate thread-array) (filter identity thread-array)))
(defn locals-for-thread [thread]
(let [locals (.get thread-locals-field thread)
tls-map (and locals (.get thread-local-map-field locals))]
(when tls-map
(filter identity
(map #(.get entry-value-field %)
(filter identity tls-map))))))
(defn clojure-frame-heads-for-thread [thread]
(filter #(= (type %) clojure.lang.Var$Frame) (locals-for-thread thread)))
(defn parent-frame [frame]
(.get frame-prev-field frame))
(defn frame-seq [frame]
(when frame
(lazy-seq (cons frame
(frame-seq (parent-frame frame))))))
(defn clojure-frame-vars []
(for [t (all-threads)
frame-head (clojure-frame-heads-for-thread t)
:when frame-head
frame (frame-seq frame-head)
:let [bindings (.get bindings-field frame)]
[var tbox] bindings
:let [value (.get tbox-val-field tbox)]]
{:thread t, :frame frame, :var var, :value value}))

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commented Jun 11, 2012

I would write (remove nil? _) instead of (filter identity _), but that's just me.
Edit: I just noticed the implementation of remove. My version becomes (filter (complement nil?) _) which I'm guessing is a bit slower than (filter identity _), which is probably what you were going for.

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