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Patch ActiveRecord to fire after_commit callbacks at the appropriate time during tests with transactional fixtures.
module ActiveRecord
module ConnectionAdapters
module DatabaseStatements
# Run the normal transaction method; when it's done, check to see if there
# is exactly one open transaction. If so, that's the transactional
# fixtures transaction; from the model's standpoint, the completed
# transaction is the real deal. Send commit callbacks to models.
# If the transaction block raises a Rollback, we need to know, so we don't
# call the commit hooks. Other exceptions don't need to be explicitly
# accounted for since they will raise uncaught through this method and
# prevent the code after the hook from running.
def transaction_with_transactional_fixtures(options = {}, &block)
return transaction_without_transactional_fixtures(options, &block) unless RSpec.configuration.use_transactional_fixtures
return_value = nil
rolled_back = false
transaction_without_transactional_fixtures(options) do
return_value = yield
rescue ActiveRecord::Rollback => e
rolled_back = true
raise e
commit_transaction_records(false) if !rolled_back && open_transactions == 1
alias_method_chain :transaction, :transactional_fixtures
# The @_current_transaction_records is a stack of arrays, each one
# containing the records associated with the corresponding transaction
# in the transaction stack. This is used by the
# `rollback_transaction_records` method (to only send a rollback hook to
# models attached to the transaction being rolled back) but is usually
# ignored by the `commit_transaction_records` method. Here we
# monkey-patch it to temporarily replace the array with only the records
# for the top-of-stack transaction, so the real
# `commit_transaction_records` method only sends callbacks to those.
def commit_transaction_records_with_transactional_fixtures(commit = true)
return commit_transaction_records_without_transactional_fixtures if !RSpec.configuration.use_transactional_fixtures || commit
real_current_transaction_records = @_current_transaction_records.clone
@_current_transaction_records = @_current_transaction_records.pop || []
@_current_transaction_records = real_current_transaction_records
alias_method_chain :commit_transaction_records, :transactional_fixtures
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grosser commented Aug 2, 2012

thanks, very helpful, I removed both RSpec statements since we are on test:unit,
would be nice if it works with both, but so far a great drop-in-fix :D

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grosser commented Aug 3, 2012

turned it into a gem test after_commit because to have a common ground for improvements and to add tests to see it works on all rails versions!

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leandro commented Aug 1, 2013

What about the scenario where you're running a fat specs suite in multiple chunks in parallel? Then this solution won't work, right?

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