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build hackrf/windows msvc 2019 static
git clone
vcpkg install libusb:x64-windows-static
vcpkg install pthreads:x64-windows-static
select hackrf/host/libhackrf/
select build folder
if cmake isn't integrated
set pthreads include to vcpkg packages folder include e.g. E:\code\vcpkg\packages\pthreads_x64-windows-static\include
set pthreads lib var to vcpkg folder pthreadsVC3.lib e.g. E:/code/vcpkg/packages/pthreads_x64-windows-static/lib/pthreadVC3.lib
set LIBUSB_INLUDE_DIR to location of vcpkg \vcpkg\packages\libusb_x64-windows-static\include\libusb-1.0
set LIBUSB_LIBRARIES = basevcpkg +/vcpkg/packages/libusb_x64-windows-static/lib/libusb-1.0.lib
config/gen cmake, open sln and build
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