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charlietran /
Created May 19, 2024 19:42
Summarized Learnings from "The 100 Games That Taught Me Game Design"

From, summarized with ChatGPT 4o

Space Invaders

The concept of a difficulty curve is crucial in game design, and "Space Invaders" demonstrates this well. The game progressively increases its challenge as the player advances, making the experience more engaging and rewarding. This gradual increase in difficulty helps keep players invested and prevents the game from becoming too easy or too hard too quickly.


"Pac-Man" introduces the idea of alternating between different game states, such as fear and empowerment. The game's design allows players to feel vulnerable while being chased by ghosts and powerful when they eat a power pellet and can chase the ghosts instead. This dynamic shift keeps gameplay exciting and varied, teaching designers the importance of balancing different gameplay experiences.

charlietran / TerminalVim.scpt
Last active October 14, 2023 06:50
Open file in iTerm vim for MacOS Sierra
-- This creates a shim Application that will enable you to open files from the Finder in vim using iTerm
-- To use this script:
-- 1. Open Automator and create a new Application
-- 2. Add the "Run Applescript" action
-- 3. Paste this script into the Run Applescript section
-- 4. Save the application as in your Applications folder
-- 5. In the Finder, right click on a file and select "Open With". In that window you can set TerminalVim as a default

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charlietran / gist:1726418
Created February 2, 2012 23:24
CSS vertical centering for IE7+
Vertical centering of variable-height content
Compatible with IE7 and below
Author: Charlie Tran
Date: Feb 2012
Agency: FreeAssociation (
More elegant solution here if you only care about IE8+: