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Working on product design systems at Stripe

Chase McCoy chasemccoy

Working on product design systems at Stripe
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In the heart of the forest, hidden away from the bustle of the world, stood the computer temple. Its stone walls rose up to meet the canopy of the trees, blending seamlessly with the ancient landscape. Inside, the air was cool and still, the only sounds coming from the gentle hum of the computers and the soft whispers of the users.

One such user was a young woman named Mei. She had been coming to the temple for years, ever since she was a child, when her grandmother had first introduced her to the ancient art of computing. Now, as she sat before her computer, she felt a sense of calm wash over her, as if the worries of the world were a million miles away.

Mei was working on a program she had been designing for months. It was a complex system that would simulate the growth of a forest over time, taking into account factors such as climate, soil, and the interactions between different species of trees and animals. She had always been fascinated by the natural world, and she saw her program as a way to better

name: Sync icons from Figma
# Every 30 minutes
- cron: '*/30 * * * *'
name: Sync icons
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
sudo xcodebuild -license accept
sudo xcode-select --install
sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/share/man/man8
chmod u+w /usr/local/share/man/man8
curl --remote-name
chasemccoy / remark-seeds-formatting.js
Last active January 9, 2019 21:17
'use strict';
const select = require(`unist-util-select`);
const is = require('unist-util-is');
const modifyChildren = require('unist-util-modify-children');
const parents = require('unist-util-parents');
const visit = require('unist-util-visit')
const findAfter = require('unist-util-find-after')
module.exports = () => markdownAST => {
var wrappedAST = parents(markdownAST); {
return {
return {
return {
return <TypeSpecimen name="Testing" style={styles}></TypeSpecimen>
chasemccoy / gist:4beaff5561ddbf7a82a7
Created March 11, 2015 20:54
Change Background Color of CSS Element via Javascript
// Add hex colors you want to cycle through in this array
var colors = ['#E25243', '#00aeef', '#22d5e5', '#B8E986', '#F5A623', '#4A90E2', '#7F92A8', '#61C037', '#B370EF', '#ffdc29', '#FF6858'];
// Calculates the index of the array
// Math.random returns a decimal number between 0 and 1
// array.length returns number of items in array
var randomColor = Math.floor((Math.random()) * colors.length);var changeBackground = function() {
// The element that you want to change needs to have a certain ID, which you can change here
document.getElementById("changeColors").style.backgroundColor = colors[randomColor];