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@chasenlehara chasenlehara/ Secret
Created Nov 8, 2017

What would you like to do?
DoneJS survey #2 results


Rank Option
1 Add a “Routing” guide
2 Add a “Working With Forms” guide
3 Create an API for can-element + can-observe and use in guides and recipes
4 Dynamic and late-mounting custom elements
4 Support JSX-like template syntax
6 Streaming ViewModels
7 Allow properties to be defined with decorators
8 Expanded types and required properties
9 Add links to additional resources in each package’s docs


Rank Option
1 Improve live-reload performance
2 Add a “SSR Tips and Tricks” guide
2 Improvements to debugging zone issues
4 Baseline PWA support
5 A better console for --develop
6 Add an ecosystem/generators/plugins page
7 Quick prototype scaffolding for observables
8 Add docs for customizing the generator templates


Rank Option
1 Minimize bundle size with tree-shaking
2 Support babel-preset-env
3 Improved plugin/extension writing guide
4 Revisit the continuous build
5 can-import not working with optimize build
6 Allow transpiling module formats other than ESM
7 Remove automatic main loading
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