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Last active Feb 14, 2019
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Bitovi Community Survey — February 2019

Bitovi training

Rank Option
1 App architecture
1 Memory safety & debugging leaks
3 Performance profiling & best practices
3 Real-time (non-REST): HTTP/2 Server Push, WebSockets, etc.
5 TDD & testing best practices
6 React state management
7 Finite state machines / pushdown automata for state management
7 Technical writing & communication skills
9 CSS Grid
10 Setting expectations & aligning goals
11 Flexbox

Open source

Rank Option
1 Add a guide for using CanJS with other libraries
1 Create a debugging guide for StealJS
1 Make a simplified routing solution
1 Observable Finite State Machines
5 can-element + can-observe [+ can-jsx]
5 Introduce DOM diffing
7 Create mix-ins for drag, drop, & swipe events
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