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Last active December 7, 2017 10:06
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package info.batey.akka.persistence
import{ActorSystem, Props}
import akka.persistence.PersistentActor
import info.batey.akka.persistence.AlwaysPersist.RealPersistentActor.PrintName
object AlwaysPersist extends App {
trait AlwaysPersist extends PersistentActor {
val persistPredicate: Any => Boolean
final override def receive = receiveCommand
override def receiveCommand: Receive = {
case cmd if persistPredicate(cmd) => persist(cmd) { evt =>
case cmd =>
def postPersistHandler(evt: Any): Unit
object RealPersistentActor {
case class PrintName(name: String)
class RealPersistentActor(val persistenceId: String) extends AlwaysPersist {
override def receiveRecover = {
case PrintName(name) =>
println(s"recovering $name")
case msg =>
println(s"Other kinds of msg: $msg")
override def postPersistHandler(evt: Any): Unit = evt match {
case PrintName(name) =>
println(s"Already been persisted by AlwaysPersist, now I just print the name: $name")
override val persistPredicate = {
case _:PrintName => true
case _ => false
val system = ActorSystem()
val pa = system.actorOf(Props(new RealPersistentActor("p1")))
pa ! PrintName("bella")
pa ! PrintName("ruby")
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