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[01:39:23] <cheapie> If you want to give MT a shot, head to and take the travelnet box at the spawn to "Ringroad North".
[01:57:17] <varu|zZz> welp, minetest runs worse than minecraft
[01:57:29] <cheapie> varu|zZz: And now you see that I wasn't kidding when I said "it sucks performance-wise".
[01:57:41] <varu|zZz> didn't think such a thing was possible but there we go
[01:57:56] <varu|zZz> i bet it's mining bitcoins in the background
[01:58:32] <varu|zZz> only thing to explain the massive gpu usage on a static image
[02:08:32] <varu|zZz> the other thing with minetest.. while the 'basics' are there and mods are available, the basic interface is absolutely terrible
[02:08:53] <varu|zZz> before mods are explored, i'd think the basic UI should be addressed first..
[02:09:22] <varu|zZz> not to mention performance.. why is the CPU pegged on one core 100% regardless what's going on?
[02:11:56] <cheapie> I think the answer was more or less "we don't do multithread 'cause it's hard".
[02:12:15] <cheapie> "and we don't want to use any of the libraries that could possibly help"
[02:12:30] <varu|zZz> great. minecraft doesn't multithread either, still runs better.. and it's java
[02:12:35] <varu|zZz> what's the excuse
[02:13:09] <varu|zZz> "we don't want to".. wot.. i'm sure they have their reasons, but come on... the performance is absolute *shit*
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