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JavaScript error logging services
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igorsantos07 commented Nov 17, 2014

I've made a spreadsheet with the data I could find in all those websites:

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erlichmen commented Feb 23, 2015 seems to be dead too

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ghost commented Apr 7, 2015

Could this be made into a table with license/source info?

Errorify seems to be dead, too.

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fizerkhan commented Jun 28, 2015

@igorsantos07 @cheeaun We have updated Atatus features. We have added the following:

  1. Grouping
  2. Dashboard
  3. Email
  4. Bugtracker Integrations
  5. Sourcemap
  6. CORS
  7. API
  8. Performance (RUM)

@igorsantos07 Could you please update the excel sheet accordingly. You can view all of them here @

Also, added this as a comment in your excel sheet.

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ethangardner commented Jul 15, 2015

Here is an additional one:

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cheeaun commented Jul 26, 2015

To allow easier contributions, I've moved this to Thanks! 😄

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alexcasalboni commented Oct 22, 2015

Qbaka is going to be dismissed in 10 days:

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ghost commented Nov 11, 2015

So no sign of a resolution there. I'll try emailing Github.

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zolotokrylin commented Jan 19, 2018

Great stuff! Thanks!

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