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Confidence Intervals for Descriptive Collections
import math
from scipy.stats import t
import numpy as np
def confidence_interval_for_collection(sample_size=[], standard_deviation=[], mean=[], confidence=0.95):
degrees_freedom = [count - 1 for count in sample_size]
outlier_tails = (1.0 - confidence) / 2.0
confidence_collection = [outlier_tails for _ in sample_size]
t_distribution_number = [-1 * t.ppf(tails, df) for tails, df in zip(confidence_collection, degrees_freedom)]
step_1 = [std/math.sqrt(count) for std, count in zip(standard_deviation, sample_size)]
step_2 = [step * t for step, t in zip(step_1, t_distribution_number)]
low_end = [mean_num - step_num for mean_num, step_num in zip(mean, step_2)]
high_end = [mean_num + step_num for mean_num, step_num in zip(mean, step_2)]
return low_end, high_end
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