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public class ExampleConfiguration {
IntegrationFlow inboundFlow(
ErrorManager errorManager,
SeatSelector seatSelector,
Prioritizer priority
) {
return IntegrationFlows
.enrichHeaders(headerEnricherSpec -> headerEnricherSpec.header("original_request", request)
.header("priority", priority.for(request)))
.channel(channel -> channel.priority())
.transform(//build credit card charge request with info from flight booking request)
.enrich(e -> e.requestChannel("paymentChannel")
.header("paymentInfo", this.paymentInfo)
.handle((payload, headers) -> seatSelector.selectSeat(payload))
.publishSubscribeChannel(Executors.newCachedThreadPool(), s -> s
.subscribe(subflow -> subflow
.<String>handle((payload, headers) -> "You have successfully booked your seat.")
.subscribe(subflow -> subflow
.enrichHeaders(headerEnricherSpec -> headerEnricherSpec.header("mail_to", payload.getEmailAddress()))
.channel(channel -> channel.queue("outboundEmail"))))
public Prioritizer prioritizer() {
return new Prioritizer() {
public int for(Object request) {
//Figures out from the request whether the customer came from the airline's website or from a
//comparison website, and assigns a higher priority to the first type of customer
public ErrorManager errorManager() {
return new ErrorManager() {
public Object handleError(int statusCode, Object payload) {
//Handle different HTTP status codes and, if call successful, return payload
public SeatSelector seatSelector() {
return new SeatSelector() {
public Object selectSeat(Object payload) {
//make call to some external seat selection service
Properties mailProperties() {
Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.put("mail.smtp.ssl.enable", true);
return properties;
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