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This lldb script lets you selectively ignore Obj-C exceptions. See
import lldb
import re
import shlex
# This script allows Xcode to selectively ignore Obj-C exceptions
# based on any selector on the NSException instance
def getRegister(target):
if target.triple.startswith('x86_64'):
return "rdi"
elif target.triple.startswith('i386'):
return "eax"
elif target.triple.startswith('arm64'):
return "x0"
return "r0"
def callMethodOnException(frame, register, method):
return frame.EvaluateExpression("(NSString *)[(NSException *)${0} {1}]".format(register, method)).GetObjectDescription()
def filterException(debugger, user_input, result, unused):
target = debugger.GetSelectedTarget()
frame = target.GetProcess().GetSelectedThread().GetFrameAtIndex(0)
if != 'objc_exception_throw':
# We can't handle anything except objc_exception_throw
return None
filters = shlex.split(user_input)
register = getRegister(target)
for filter in filters:
method, regexp_str = filter.split(":", 1)
value = callMethodOnException(frame, register, method)
if value is None:
output = "Unable to grab exception from register {0} with method {1}; skipping...".format(register, method)
regexp = re.compile(regexp_str)
if regexp.match(value):
output = "Skipping exception because exception's {0} ({1}) matches {2}".format(method, value, regexp_str)
# If we tell the debugger to continue before this script finishes,
# Xcode gets into a weird state where it won't refuse to quit LLDB,
# so we set async so the script terminates and hands control back to Xcode
return None
return None
def __lldb_init_module(debugger, unused):
debugger.HandleCommand('command script add --function ignore_specified_objc_exceptions.filterException ignore_specified_objc_exceptions')
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