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@chenosaurus /buy.js
Last active Apr 21, 2017

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script to buy bitcoin on coinbase
//you will need to install node.js and restler first
//npm install restler
//run with the following command
// node buy.js
var sys = require('util'),
rest = require('restler');
//set these to your coinbase API key & the amount you want to buy
var apiKey = 'api_key';
var quantity = 10;
var jsonData = { qty: quantity };
function onComplete(data, res) {
console.log(new Date().toString());
if (!data.success) {
console.log( data.errors);
setTimeout(buy, 5000);
} else {
function buy() {
rest.postJson('' + apiKey, jsonData).on('complete', onComplete);

egghaus commented Apr 9, 2013

they changed something. gist broken :(

egghaus commented Apr 10, 2013

so glad this was broken. -$110 drop today. rofl

Not broken per se; you probably ran into that "check this box to buy BTC at a future market price since the 24-hour rolling limit has been hit" situation.

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