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Seven on Seven Notes

General Film Info / Trivia

  • Seven was released in the United States on September 21, 1979, where it premiered in Los Angeles.
  • The only film not actually owned by Writer/Director/Producer Andy Sidaris himself because it was produced by Melvin Simon Productions and released by American International Pictures.
  • There is no credited composer on the film. Writer/Director Andy Sidaris may have possibly used music from ABC's Wide World of Sports vast music library to score the film since Sidaris worked on that show for more than a decade. Even the music tracks aren't credited to specific composers during the end credits.
  • Prior to Directing this film, Andy Sidaris was a Director for ABC Sports starting in the late 60's winning 7 Emmy's for his work during the Olympics in 1968 and 1976. He used the experiences directing on that show for this film because of the style and look of it.
  • There are two versions of this film. One version that was available on the MGM digital cable channel which only runs 90 Minutes and missing eleven minutes. The uncut version which was just released by Kino Lorber is the complete uncut version that restores alot of scenes including Ed Parker killing both of Mr. Lee's henchmen, and a scene revealing that The Cowboy was still alive after Mailei double crossed him and shot him amongst the few scenes that were restored from the cut version.

Episode 1: 0:00 - 7:00

  • Starts at shotglass/logo, ends with senator and aide talking in car
  • Little Egypt the belly-dancer "Maile"
  • WTF is up with Kimo's hair style?
  • Kimo Maderas played by Peter Knecht, only appeared in 2 Sidaris films, died in 2014
  • Lenny Montana as "The Kahuna" - Luka Brasci from Godfather
  • "Electronically all communications have been checked out" wtf does that mean?
  • A state senator doesn't get a real police escort? They can't be bothered to find a cop car to steal?
  • Martin Kove as Skip - better known from Karate Kid films (holy shit he's been in a lot)
  • Senator says he lost 3 investigators, but only 2 deaths shown?
  • Typewriter credits - had anyone done this before?
  • Niko played by Nicholas Georgiade
  • Bartender disappears after Niko throws flaming spear
  • First appearance of champion skateboarder Russ Howell
  • Skip + Nico "piece of cake!" someone should make a spin-off

Episode 2: 7:00-14:00

  • Starts w/ Senator + Aide in back of car, ends w/ Savano telling Cybill she can't just take her clothes off
  • "What's this guy trying to prove?" Russ Howell!
  • Driver is like 12 years old? "Guy on skateboard did it gggawwww"
  • enter HARRIS (Robert E. Relyea) who was a second unit dir. on Magnificent Seven (1960) and The Great Escape amongst others, this was his only acting role
  • Geranimo Hayes "he's supposed to be good!" harris: NEXT
  • Enter Drew Savano (William Smith) been in sooo much! Red Dawn, Conan every action show from the 80s
  • Cybill (Carol Needham) is she supposed to be british? Playboy Playmate of the Month February 1979 (as Lee Ann Michelle)

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