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Last active Mar 27, 2016
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vapoursynth sample
#coding: utf-8
import sys
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
import vapoursynth as vs
x264_binary_path = 'D:/tools/x86/x264.exe'
avconv_binary_path = 'D:/tools/x86/avconv.exe'
def enc_video(core, clip, cmdline):
if clip.format.color_family == vs.RGB:
clip = core.std.ShufflePlanes(clip, [1, 2, 0], vs.RGB)
print(cmdline, file=sys.stderr)
p = Popen(cmdline.split(), stdin=PIPE)
def get_x264_csp(format):
table = {vs.COMPATBGR32:('bgra', 'raw', 8),
vs.COMPATYUY2: ('yuyv422', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 8),
vs.GRAY8: ('gray', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 8),
vs.GRAY16: ('gray16', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 16),
vs.RGB24: ('gbrp', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 8),
vs.RGB27: ('gbrp9le', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 9),
vs.RGB30: ('gbrp10le', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 10),
vs.RGB48: ('gbrp16le', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 16),
vs.YUV410P8: ('yuv410p', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 8),
vs.YUV411P8: ('yuv411p', 'lavf --input-fmt rawvideo', 8),
vs.YUV420P8: ('i420', 'raw', 8),
vs.YUV420P9: ('i420', 'raw', 9),
vs.YUV420P10: ('i420', 'raw', 10),
vs.YUV420P16: ('i420', 'raw', 16),
vs.YUV422P8: ('i422', 'raw', 8),
vs.YUV422P9: ('i422', 'raw', 9),
vs.YUV422P10: ('i422', 'raw', 10),
vs.YUV422P16: ('i422', 'raw', 16),
vs.YUV444P8: ('i444', 'raw', 8),
vs.YUV444P9: ('i444', 'raw', 9),
vs.YUV444P10: ('i444', 'raw', 10),
vs.YUV444P16: ('i444', 'raw', 16)}
return table.get(format)
def x264enc(core, clip, opts, tcfile_in=False, bin=None):
if bin is None:
bin = x264_binary_path
csp = get_x264_csp(
if not csp:
print('input format is unsupported.', file=sys.stderr)
cmdline = ('--frames {num} --input-csp {csp} --demuxer {demux} '
'--input-depth {depth} --input-res {width}x{height})
cmdline = cmdline.format(num=clip.num_frames, csp=csp[0],
demux=csp[1], depth=csp[2],
width=clip.width, height=clip.height)
if tcfile_in == False:
fps = ' --fps {num}/{den}'.format(num=clip.fps_num,
cmdline += fps
cmdline = '%s - %s %s' % (bin, cmdline, opts)
enc_video(core, clip, cmdline)
def get_av_pix_fmt(format):
table = {vs.COMPATBGR32:'bgra', vs.COMPATYUY2:'yuyv422',
vs.GRAY8: 'gray', vs.GRAY16: 'gray16',
vs.RGB24: 'gbrp', vs.RGB27: 'gbrp9le',
vs.RGB30: 'gbrp10le', vs.RGB48: 'gbrp16le',
vs.YUV410P8: 'yuv410p', vs.YUV411P8: 'yuv411p',
vs.YUV420P8: 'yuv420p', vs.YUV420P9: 'Yuv420p9le',
vs.YUV420P10: 'yuv420p10le', vs.YUV420P16: 'yuv420p16le',
vs.YUV422P8: 'yuv422p', vs.YUV422P9: 'yuv422p9le',
vs.YUV422P10: 'yuv422p10le', vs.YUV422P16: 'yuv422p16le',
vs.YUV444P8: 'yuv444p', vs.YUV444P9: 'yuv444p9le',
vs.YUV444P10: 'yuv444p10le', vs.YUV444P16: 'yuv444p16le'}
return table.get(format)
def avenc(core, clip, opts, bin=None):
if bin is None:
bin = avconv_binary_path
cmdline = ('{bin} -f rawvideo -pix_fmt {fmt} -s {width}x{height} '
'-r {rnum}/{rden} -vframes {fnum} -i - {opts}')
cmdline = cmdline.format(bin=bin, fmt=get_av_pix_fmt(,
width=clip.width, height=clip.height,
rnum=clip.fps_num, rden=clip.fps_den,
fnum=clip.num_frames, opts=opts)
enc_video(core, clip, cmdline)
class Enc(object):
def __init__(self, core):
self.core = core
def x264enc(self, clip, opts, tcfile_in=False, bin=''):
return x264enc(self.core, clip, opts, tcfile_in, bin)
def avenc(self, clip, opts, bin=''):
return avenc(self.core, clip, opts, bin)
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