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Created November 23, 2021 22:00
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Registers a stevedore plugin dynamically without needing to install as a package
# For python 3.8 and later
import importlib.metadata as importlib_metadata
except ImportError:
# For everyone else
import importlib_metadata
from stevedore import ExtensionManager
def register_plugin(name, namespace, entry_point) -> None:
"""Registers a plugin dynamically without needing to install as a package.
name (str): Name of plugin to be referenced.
namespace (str): Name of plugin namespace.
entry_point (str): Entry point in the form: some.module:some.attr
ep = importlib_metadata.EntryPoint(name, entry_point, namespace)
e = ExtensionManager(namespace)
if namespace in e.ENTRY_POINT_CACHE:
entry_points = e.ENTRY_POINT_CACHE.get(namespace)
if name not in [ for entry_point in entry_points]:
e.ENTRY_POINT_CACHE[namespace] = entry_points
e.ENTRY_POINT_CACHE[namespace] = [ep]
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