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Set up todo list for Supabase Svelte Todo List example
-- For use with:
-- or
-- or
-- or
create table todos (
id bigint generated by default as identity primary key,
user_id uuid references auth.users not null,
task text check (char_length(task) > 3),
is_complete boolean default false,
inserted_at timestamp with time zone default timezone('utc'::text, now()) not null
alter table todos enable row level security;
create policy "Individuals can create todos." on todos for
insert with check (auth.uid() = user_id);
create policy "Individuals can view their own todos. " on todos for
select using (auth.uid() = user_id);
create policy "Individuals can update their own todos." on todos for
update using (auth.uid() = user_id);
create policy "Individuals can delete their own todos." on todos for
delete using (auth.uid() = user_id);
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