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Set up profiles for Supabase Svelte Todo list example
-- Create a table for public profiles
create table profiles (
id uuid references auth.users not null primary key,
updated_at timestamp with time zone,
username text unique,
full_name text,
avatar_url text,
website text,
constraint username_length check (char_length(username) >= 3)
-- Set up Row Level Security (RLS)
-- See for more details.
alter table profiles
enable row level security;
create policy "Public profiles are viewable by everyone." on profiles
for select using (true);
create policy "Users can insert their own profile." on profiles
for insert with check (auth.uid() = id);
create policy "Users can update own profile." on profiles
for update using (auth.uid() = id);
-- This trigger automatically creates a profile entry when a new user signs up via Supabase Auth.
-- See for more details.
create function public.handle_new_user()
returns trigger as $$
insert into public.profiles (id, full_name, avatar_url)
values (, new.raw_user_meta_data->>'full_name', new.raw_user_meta_data->>'avatar_url');
return new;
$$ language plpgsql security definer;
create trigger on_auth_user_created
after insert on auth.users
for each row execute procedure public.handle_new_user();
-- Set up Storage!
insert into storage.buckets (id, name)
values ('avatars', 'avatars');
-- Set up access controls for storage.
-- See for more details.
create policy "Avatar images are publicly accessible." on storage.objects
for select using (bucket_id = 'avatars');
create policy "Anyone can upload an avatar." on storage.objects
for insert with check (bucket_id = 'avatars');
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