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How to use WebSocket of Tomcat
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=UTF-8>
<title>Tomcat WebSocket Chat</title>
var ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8080/TomcatWebSocket/wschat/WsChatServlet");
ws.onopen = function(){
ws.onmessage = function(message){
document.getElementById("chatlog").textContent += + "\n";
function postToServer(){
document.getElementById("msg").value = "";
function closeConnect(){
<textarea id="chatlog" readonly></textarea><br/>
<input id="msg" type="text" />
<button type="submit" id="sendButton" onClick="postToServer()">Send!</button>
<button type="submit" id="sendButton" onClick="closeConnect()">End</button>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app version="2.5" xmlns=""
//This sample is how to use websocket of Tomcat.
package wsapp;
import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
import java.nio.CharBuffer;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import org.apache.catalina.websocket.MessageInbound;
import org.apache.catalina.websocket.StreamInbound;
import org.apache.catalina.websocket.WebSocketServlet;
import org.apache.catalina.websocket.WsOutbound;
public class WsChatServlet extends WebSocketServlet{
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private static ArrayList<MyMessageInbound> mmiList = new ArrayList<MyMessageInbound>();
public StreamInbound createWebSocketInbound(String protocol){
return new MyMessageInbound();
private class MyMessageInbound extends MessageInbound{
WsOutbound myoutbound;
public void onOpen(WsOutbound outbound){
try {
System.out.println("Open Client.");
this.myoutbound = outbound;
} catch (IOException e) {
public void onClose(int status){
System.out.println("Close Client.");
public void onTextMessage(CharBuffer cb) throws IOException{
System.out.println("Accept Message : "+ cb);
for(MyMessageInbound mmib: mmiList){
CharBuffer buffer = CharBuffer.wrap(cb);
public void onBinaryMessage(ByteBuffer bb) throws IOException{

Thanks! The code snippet was useful to me.

thank you very much !

Thanks for sharing this

i am getting some library files missing exceptions. can you send me war file for this project.

can you please provide the maven dependencies for this gist? Thanks.

Thanks Chitan. I was searching for an implementation of websocket and your example helped a lot. It worked perfect on different browsers on a computer. But i dont know way it did not work across different computers. i.e. messages from one computer is not being delivered to other computer.
Where is the problem?

robbyn commented Nov 25, 2013

Hi there, I was wondering if the mmiList should be protected against concurrent usage.

I'm using the tomcat version 7.0.39 and it does'nt work for me, it generate this exception :

GRAVE: "Servlet.service()" pour la servlet WsChatServlet a généré une exception
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.coyote.Request cannot be cast to org.apache.coyote.http11.upgrade.UpgradeInbound

smerz commented Jan 29, 2014

This code only works with Tomcat 7. Tomcat 8 the websocket classes appear to have been refactored.

joleye commented Mar 4, 2014

@IslamBesto I'm using the tomcat version 7.0.34,And your mistakes as

I'm using Tomcat 7.0.52 version ... I cannot get the outbound part sending "Hello client" after connected, only when I turn off my tomcat, my client receives "Hello client" ... and I haven't make any changes ... why???
Btw, I changed the protocol to NIO on tomcat server.xml.


chitan commented Mar 25, 2014

If you can use Tomcat 7.0.52, look at here.

AiRmode commented Jun 8, 2014

If anybody need pom.xml example for this project-here it is. I've just done it and test





chitan commented Aug 9, 2014

@AiRmode thanks!

WebSocket is working fine on tomcat 7 but i could fidn the same jars in tomcat 8 ,please help me out

I am getting exception below exception,while staring the server.(D:\novworkspace.metadata.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\wtpwebapps\lexus-drivers-webapp\WEB-INF\lib\tomcat-servlet-api-7.0.27.jar) - jar not loaded. See Servlet Spec 3.0, section 10.7.2. Offending class: javax/servlet/Servlet.class

can i get all the material of wesocket?

achyut commented Mar 28, 2016

Thank a lot!

Where did you get the package "org.apache.catalina.websocket" from?
Somehow my catalina.jar (from Tomcat 9) don't has it.
And I can't find it somewhere.
Please, give me link of needed lib or official resourse url.

CFM880 commented Mar 17, 2017

WebSocketServlet Deprecated.
Replaced by the JSR356 WebSocket 1.1 implementation and will be removed in Tomcat 8.0.x.
WebSocketServlet @doc

Thank a lot! good


This is a great code thank you. Going to run it on my site.

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