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Possible Sandman reading order
[What order to read Sandman books in?](
by that scott guy
posted on August 28, 2010 04:50 AM
i do have to say that the books MUST be read in the order they came out
no, i'm not takling about the trade volumes, i'm talking about the individual comics (issues 1-75)
i'm pretty sure that the absolute volumes are presented in order of the issue release
normally i wouldn't think that reading the trades in order would be a bad idea, but i'm pretty sure that Fables & Reflections (volume 6) just collected a bunch of loose stories and threw them all together...i could be wrong though
...and i looked it up, heres the reading order if you can't get a hold of the single issues or the absolute version
issues 1-8 (collected in Preludes & Nocuturnes)
issues 9-16 (collected in The Doll's House)
issues 17-20 (collected in Dream Country)
issues 21-28 (collected in Season Of Mist)
issue 29 Thermidor (found in Fables & Reflections)
issue 30 August (found in Fables & Reflections)
issue 31 Three Septembers and a January (found in Fables & Reflections)
issues 32-37 (collected in A Game of You)
issue 38 The Hunt (found in Fables & Reflections)
issue 39 Soft Places (found in Fables & Reflections)
issue 40 The Parliament of Rooks (found in Fables & Reflections)
Sandman Special 1 The Song of Orpheus (found in Fables & Reflections)
issues 41-49 (collected in Brief Lives)
issue 50 Ramadan (found in Fables & Reflections)
issues 51-56 (collected in Worlds End)
issues 57-69 (collected in The Kindly Ones)
issues 70-75 (collected in The Wake)
It also looks like there is a [collection called Endless Nights]( THat takes place after the series.

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@jwg4 jwg4 commented Sep 28, 2020

Hi, this is interesting info, but I think it's fine to read the Fables and Reflections as a collection all in one go and in the order they are collected. They are all one-off stories that take place at different times and across time after all. But perhaps I'm missing some continuity or important progression?

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