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Created July 9, 2016 08:47
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What's new in Fedora 24


  • Workstation
  • Server
  • Cloud
  • Spins and Labs
  • ARM
  • Alternative Fedora Architectures
  • Make Fedora Even Better


  • GNOME 3.20
  • new shortcuts overlays which helps users to learn keyboard shortcuts for commands
  • Searching is made easier in Files application
  • Deafult font centarell is now more reliable
  • Now manage printer jobs through a single user interface
  • Mouse setting are cutomized to show you the right options for your hardware
  • Graphical upgrade from fedora 23 to fedora 24
  • Flatpak Support
  • A new way to package apps for Linux system
  • more secure and donot depend on what's installed already on your system
  • Developers can create flatpak apps that can run on any systen having flatpak suppot
  • Fedora 24 has now flatpak support
  • Addition of LibreOffice 5.1
  • Now imports Gnumeric, Microsoft write and Apple keynote 6 documents
  • Uses GTK3 toolkit by default
  • Runs natively on Wayland
  • Technology preview of Wayland
  • Wayland is a next generation graphical stack
  • Fedora 24 continues to work on the X replacment
  • It will be the default stack in Fedora 24
  • Some major improvements
  • firefox 47
  • inclusion of shotwell-0.23.1
  • Mono 4.2, Node.js 5.10, Python 3.5, Ruby 2.3 and Golang 1.6, GCC-6 compiler
  • Network Manager 1.2


  • Server image is more streamlined by removing unnecessary packages
  • FreeIPA 4.3 is major addition.
  • FreeIPA is an integrated security information management solution.
  • Simplified replica installation and improved replication technology management.


  • Includes OpenShift Origin
  • Platform as a Service system based around Kubernetes, a production-grade container orchestration project
  • Optimized for application development and delivery
  • Run Fedora Cloud image on Amazon EC2 or on your OpenStack Cloud with all the Fedora Software available
  • Introducing developer mode in Atomic Host
  • The host will be downloaded automatically and start cockpit and tmux session
  • to make it easier to work at the console and obtain necessary information such as the root password or IP address.

Some Other Highlights

  • Fedora Spins:
  • KDE Plasma 5, MATE 1.14, Xfce 4.12, LXDE 0.99.1 and Cinnamon 2.6
  • Fedora Labs
  • Addition of a new lab focused on Astronomy
  • Alternative Fedora arch release
  • AArch64, Power64 (ppc64, ppc64le) and s390x for the first time
  • AArch64 and Power64 now have support for golang, nodejs, mongodb
  • Arm
  • A minimal Fedora image completes the wide set of install options for your ARM board.

Make Fedora Even Better

  • Contribute to Fedora
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